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In combination, the ultimate experience: China weather through version 6 HUAWEI starting – Sohu of science and technology in August 31st, Huafeng Aike meteorological science and Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. devaluation of its brand China weather through 6 Android HUAWEI new edition in the first. September 1st officially listed. This time, the weather China 6 Android version on the basis of the original features, the new real body temperature prediction technology products "RealFeel" AccuWeather of the United States Weather Services Corp exclusive first, this is the first by the different weather and non weather factors were calculated, and considering the ability of people to perceive the weather, a mass at the average on the value of cold and warm weather, let a person true perception of hot and cold temperature prediction function. This time, the Chinese weather with "RealFeel! I really temperature, a new departure, designed to provide users with a sincere attitude to the real temperature data, create a sense of how much you feel, only I know, the new experience. And the choice of the first HUAWEI comprehensive is another Aike cast Huafeng shells. Since 2012, has become the world’s largest telecom equipment maker HUAWEI to China based fast growth, quickly attracted attention from all walks of life. The world’s thinnest smart mobile phone HUAWEI Ascend P1 S was born in early 2012; the smallest package industry K3V2 quad core processor is designed by HUAWEI; the world’s first business and user experience S12700 agile network architecture and the world’s first quick switch as the center of the release. HUAWEI adhering to the user as the center, in order to build a better world to connect the whole idea continues to move forward. Last year, the annual HUAWEI intelligent mobile phone shipments reached 108 million units, becoming the first China annual shipments of billions of dollars of brand; the market share and revenue also ranked the world’s top three, Samsung, apple very challenging. In the first 25 months of this year, China’s National Federation of industry and Commerce announced in 2015 private business revenue ranking, HUAWEI ranked first. In the face of the new situation, HUAWEI has maintained an open and cooperative attitude. Although the weather in many applications, and HUAWEI users choose a lot, but in fact, Aike has powerful data support in Huafeng mobile meteorological service, that is to say from now to the future, Huafeng Aike meteorological data all mobile terminals will be the most comprehensive. Coupled with the national meteorological service provider AccuWeather the biggest blessing, Chinese weather through the two sides of the richly endowed by nature resources. This is a worldwide joint venture is big, in the China meteorological information service industry is even more high-profile, There was no parallel in history. China weather is a comprehensive coverage of Android, iOS and other mainstream mobile operating system. The third party platform Analysys International ranking data show that as of 2016 Chinese weather through about 16 million active users, the total installed capacity of more than one hundred million. China weather with the amount of monthly active users reached 16 million of the scores awarded by the third party evaluation company enfodesk gave "Analysys star" award. And this time the Chinese weather through 6 new version is included in the minds of the designers and weather experts. Not only.相关的主题文章: