Polanyi Obama is the soul of posthumous science fiction wilderness detective predecessor t6670

Polanyi Obama is the soul of "posthumous" science fiction "wilderness" detective predecessor? This is really puzzling, but the late Chilean writer John · Polanyi did. He died 13 years later in November 3rd, tenth of his works "the soul of science fiction" (El espí Ritu de la ciencia-ficció n) published by Fengquan press, and will be held shortly after the Mexico Guadalajara International Book Fair debut. Roberto · Polanyi Obama’s tenth film "science fiction" of the soul. The story of "the soul of science fiction" still takes place in Mexico in 1970s. The novel tells the story of two young Latin American poets, Jan and Remo, who tried to make a living by literature. There are many similarities between the elements of the book and the detective of the wilderness, which is considered to be the predecessor of the work, and can also find the shadow of "2666". Polanyi spoke of the novel in several communications in early 1980s. The book was completed in 1984 in Blanes, Catalonia, Spain, during which time he was writing several works. Roberto · Director Pilar Reyes editor Polanyi Austria Fengquan press said, "science fiction" the soul of structural integrity, has a strong narrative power, narrative techniques have been quite mature, is the creation of the road Polanyi Obama watershed. For readers, regardless of whether or not read Polanyi before, this is an excellent introduction to the world of Polanyi. Polanyi Obama’s works had been by another publisher Anak Granma publishing (Anagrama). The press founder Jorge Herralde is Polanyi Obama’s friends, when they met, Polanyi Obama has lived in Spain for twenty years, while being hit temporary workers while literary creation. This time, Feng Quan publishing house to publish the works of Polanyi, they said, although the pressure, but very proud. Soon after, another book they will also publish Polanyi Austria, the title has not been determined. In 2002 Robert · Polanyi Obama Fengquan press penguins are Landon, Landon and the penguin copyright writer Wylie of the United States Copyright Agency (Agencia Wylie) reached an agreement, Polanyi will buy the copyright of all works austria. Polanyi Obama can be regarded as the world’s most respected Spanish writer, but the irony is that most of the published works, are published in his death, and he was respected in the literary circles has been close to the end of life. Polanyi Obama published posthumous itself is a great event in the literary circles. Publishing in Spanish, it’s another dispute without approval of writers published works, whether it is legitimate? Whether it is contrary to morality? In private law, and the heirs and the publishers all cut and chaotic relationship, Barcelona Publishing House (Galaxia Gutenberg) of the planet Joan Tarrida said, "it all depends on whether we know the author’s intention. If it is not clear, the.相关的主题文章: