Please WeChat friend Qugui 18 year old female students cheated about 400000 – Beijing winpm

Please WeChat friend "Qugui" 18 year old female students cheated about 400000 – Beijing, 18 year old Chongzhou female students Wenwen, because the body is occasionally uncomfortable, plus two times the nightmare, in the WeChat friends Ma Shu mouth, has become a "home" with "evidence". In order to "ghost", Wenwen in two months, 4 times before and after payment of more than 40 yuan to Ma Shu, hope the other side to help "exorcism". And the money was eventually squandered in two months, with more than a mother to travel, only to sit first class, only live in the five star hotel. In the face of the police, Ma Shu actually said: "I say to help her" huaqianxiaozai "is, as I mean to spend her money." The day before, Chongzhou police have uncovered fraud suspect Ma Mou on suspicion of fraud by the police criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. Parents is found in Chengdu Chongzhou 400 thousand and 18 year old daughter remitted Wenwen abnormal accounts for more than 1 months, to study in foreign universities. 7 at the end of this year, to apply for visas for parents Wenwen school overseas Wenwen, see money flowing water found clues: on account of the short term spending has Wenwen more than 40 yuan, parents to detect abnormal immediately after the alarm with wenwen. In the first time after the alarm Chongzhou police. After investigation, Wenwen for more than a month from June since returning to the inside, has 4 times to WeChat in Shenzhen friends Ma Shu remittances, the amount of over 400 thousand yuan, the reason was ironic: paying a "master" exorcism! A report after investigation, Wen Wen know, in her WeChat friends in the "Ma Shu" almost everything is false: the circle of friends of beauty is the online pirates, the circle of friends in many places also downloaded, the purpose is to break into the circle of Wen wen. WeChat users "diagnosis": you are looking for a master of exorcism. By October of last year, with occasional users Ma Shu Wenwen in a WeChat group, in Shenzhen and Ma Shu Wen is to talk to. A chat in May this year, Ma Shu Wen suddenly asked, recently feel heart hair stuffy, Wen Wen did not think, my heart that is not bored, be a little uncomfortable. Ma Shu was judged by the imps: Wenwen body, must huaqianxiaozai, and said his understanding of "ghost master" can help. Wenwen start but then Ma Shu not to regard it as right, and chat, Ma Shu repeated "little devil ridden" thing, let Wenwen feel fear and anxiety. In June this year, after returning home, Wen Wen has remitted the first fee to Ma Shu: 90 thousand yuan of money, as a "ghost". There is no story without coincidences., after Wenwen appeared two times nightmare, Wenwen asked Ma Shu hung up "ghost". Ma Shu claimed the money was not enough to drive, "ghost" is not clean, so let Wenwen 3 times about 300000 yuan will be remitted to your account until the bank Wenwen no more funds on the card. Many tourist sit first-class cabin to buy luxury goods more than 40 yuan squandered after receiving the alarm, Chongzhou police quickly launched an investigation of the case work, has to Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places visited and quickly locked the suspect, in the end Jie相关的主题文章: