Philippine defense minister openly with the president’s military relations as solid as rocks – Sohu crycry

Philippine defense minister openly with the president’s military relations: Military Channel – Sohu as solid as rocks global network reported: even if Philippines’s president Duthel Te and U.S. President Barack Obama seems to dislike each other, but Philippines’s defense minister Loren Sana (Delfin Lorenzana) stressed that Philippines and the US defense relations is still strong. Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported on September 13th, the Los Lunsana 13 early in the morning on the radio said, "the United States is our ally, the United States as described, our defense ties as solid as rocks." Duthel Te and Obama turn to human rights issues, he again yesterday in Malakand Nangong said, will expel stationed in southern Mindanao island and the U.S. special forces, worried about the Philippines observers on Philippine US defense cooperation prospects. The East Asia Summit held in Laos last week, Walter and Obama were interactive cool, but the White House deputy national security adviser Roz (Ben Rhodes) is said to the media on the summit sidelines, the alliance between the Philippine us "nature as solid as rocks". Loren Sana stressed that Philippines and the United States signed a mutual defense agreement in 1950s, this agreement has not been repealed until today. But he added, does not exclude the special Du Ritter concluded a military alliance with more countries, "we are willing to provide high-quality equipment with more national dialogue, to strengthen our defense capabilities." Luo Lunsana and said, whether he will go to Hawaii at the end of the month, to participate in the U.S. – ASEAN defense ministers meeting, and will be with US Secretary of defense Carter (Ashton Carter) to discuss the many security issues, including the situation in the South China Sea and Southeast Asian terrorist threat. On the other hand, the government of Philippines in the South on the end of the month began to surge, ready to kill the terrorists hiding in the jungle but Duthel Te Abu Sayyaf, the hometown of Davao City in the 2 Day bombing killed 14 people, investigators suspected terrorists attempted to ease military encirclement pressure.相关的主题文章: