PetroChina Harbin gas station fined 150 thousand by environmental protection

The oil in the Harbin gas station by the environmental protection department fined 150 thousand Xinhua Harbin February 3rd news (reporter Wang Jianwei) reporter from the Harbin Municipal Environmental Protection Department learned that the Harbin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Nangang 2, within the jurisdiction of a gas station was fined 150 thousand yuan, this is the Harbin city gas station oil pollution control work carried out since the maximum the ticket out of the gas station. According to the Harbin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Nangang branch, the Bureau on 2 of PetroChina Co Ltd Heilongjiang Harbin sales company long gas station inspection, the unit is not completed in accordance with the requirements of oil and gas pollution control work. According to the relevant laws and regulations, the environmental protection department of the imposed administrative penalties of $150 thousand gas station, and limit its rectification is completed before February 12th. According to environmental monitoring personnel, gas station in storage, transportation, loading and unloading of the volatile oil and gas sectors gas, oil and gas containing harmful substances benzene, toluene, xylene mixture, sulfur dioxide, after evaporation to the atmosphere, soil, water and human body will cause harm and there are security risks. Adding oil and gas recovery device in gas station can make most of the oil and gas in the pipeline and tank closed operation, thereby reducing harmful gas emissions, but also improve the safety level of gas stations, save energy and increase economic benefits. It is understood that, since July 2014, the city of Harbin 590 stations for the implementation of governance reform. Harbin environmental protection department will be the next to the completion of the task of governance units, administrative penalties according to law. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

中石油哈尔滨一加油站被环保部门罚款15万   新华社哈尔滨2月3日专电(记者王建威)记者从哈尔滨市环保部门了解到,哈尔滨市环保局南岗分局2日对辖区内一加油站处以15万元奉,这是哈尔滨市加油站油气污染治理工作开展以来,对加油站开出的最大罚单。   据哈尔滨市环保局南岗分局介绍,该局2日对中国石油天然气股份有限公司黑龙江哈尔滨销售公司龙发加油站检查时发现,该单位未按照要求完成油气污染治理工作。依据相关法律法规,环保部门对该加油站处以行政处罚15万元,并限其在2月12日前整改完毕。   据环保监察人员介绍,加油站在储存、运输、装卸和加油环节挥发油气,油气中含有苯、甲苯、混合二甲苯、二氧化硫等有害物质,挥发后对大气、土壤、水和人体都会造成危害并存在安全隐患。加油站增设油气回收装置,可使大部分油气在管道及储罐内密闭运行,从而减少有害气体排放,同时也提升了加油站的安全等级,节省能源,增加经济效益。   据了解,2014年7月起,哈尔滨对全市590家加油站实施限期治理改造。哈尔滨市环保部门下一步将对逾期未完成治理任务的单位,依法予以行政处罚。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: