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Peter Julie divorce is worth more than 3 billion dowry or set off Wars – Beijing, Beijing, September 22, according to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" 22 reported that Angelina Julie and Peter started dating in 2004, married in 2014, to two after the divorce property distribution concern. Losangeles divorce lawyer Walser pointed out that, according to two people settled in California during the marriage law, the couple purchased assets required to divorce the average distribution, but for the purchase of assets before marriage, divorce courts have no authority to clarify its distribution, so as to Hu Angelina Julie and Peter has not signed a prenuptial agreement. "Forbes" magazine estimates, two people started dating has total $555 million (3 billion RMB), since 2014 after tax income is about $117 million 500 thousand. Two how to dispose of the co founded in 2006, Julie Pitt foundation is also a question, the tax documents show that the fund’s total assets of $4 million 500 thousand as of 2014. Some lawyers believe because two people have deep pockets, and each had been married, so they should have a prenuptial agreement. But even without a dowry, custody of the 6 children will become the focus of our future competition, if Angelina Zhu Lina do all get custody of the children, Peter may have to pay alimony, unless two to 6 children equally.相关的主题文章: