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People’s Daily: supply side structural reforms need to "two hands" with the good – Beijing government "visible hand", should build more elements of the market and improve the market environment, it is the success of the put and tube, clothes on efforts to supply side structural reforms, is a good way to resolve the lack of growth momentum the structure of supply and demand dislocation two problems. General secretary Xi Jinping recently pointed out that the current and future periods, the peak of construction of comprehensive deepening reform, is to implement the reform tasks in the crucial period, grasp planning, overall grasp, grasping the implementation of the task is still arduous. Entered the peak period of construction, we must strengthen confidence, enhance concentration, promote the supply side structural reform, strength, degree, effectively implement various tasks. At present, all regions and departments to promote the overall structure of the supply side of the overall situation is good. Most provinces formulate implementation plans, many areas from three to one drop fill "essay, and attaches great importance to cultivate new impetus, create new supply of. For example, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, according to local conditions, focus on innovation and development, increase effective supply, while focusing on cost reduction, make up the short board to further stimulate the vitality of the market, to seize the key supply side structural reform; ministries have issued the relevant measures to help solve the overcapacity in the industry, the burden of staff allocation, provide policy support for the main innovation for the enterprise, to create a good environment to promote the supply side structural reform. However, from the policy measures have been introduced, there is still room for improvement. Some provinces in the specific industrial policy, the tube was too thin, tube specific, there are more administrative intervention, ignoring the laws of the market. For example, there are areas, excess industry capacity utilization in the next few years to rise to a specific percentage of industrial product sales rate this year to reach a fairly high level, mandatory, similar, if it is calculated rigorously, from a practical point of view, understandable, but if blindly comparisons and this, as Yinggang Gang, is easy to distort business behavior, even it is possible to form a supply constraint". At the same time, some provinces in the development of the local supply side structural reform program, in order to own an acre, regardless of the whole country, the introduction of some local protectionism policy, is not conducive to regional cooperation and communication. These problems, in the final analysis, are not dealt with the relationship between the government and the market. The elimination of backward production capacity or create new supply or promote the supply side structural reform, there is a law that is not always deviate, make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better play the role of government". Give full play to the role of "invisible hand", in order to reduce transaction costs, better promote the allocation of resources, so that the vitality of the elements of production burst out, so that all sources of social wealth to create full flow. The government’s visible hand, should build more elements of the market, improve the market environment, that is, in the good put, tube, service, work hard. When the government has created favorable conditions for the innovation and development of micro economic entities better break barriers, through technological innovation, business model innovation, the factors of production of leather)相关的主题文章: