Park Geun hye trapped in the ruling crisis in South Korea, the opposition party to stand down uncond nvidia geforce gt 740m

Park Geun hye depression ruling crisis Korean opposition party advocates the president step down unconditionally – Sohu news in new network on 20 November,   according to South Korean media reports, South Korean people held in November 19th fourth large-scale candle demonstrations, President Park Geun hye asked to step down, the ruling and opposition parties expressed the sincere listening to the people, but all the measures are different. The ruling new national party called for back to Congress, combined with seek solutions; but the opposition Democratic Party and the National Party is the common requirements of Park Geun hye "immediately step down". The new national party chief spokesman Lian Donglie said that the new national party with the most sincere attitude and attention to listen to the people, government restore stability as soon as possible, day and night to continue to make efforts. I hope people can open the door, trying to break the deadlock in common. Combined more than 1 thousand and 500 civil society groups "National Park Geun hye regime down very action 19 days at 6 pm in Seoul Gwanghwamun square at the fourth pan national action" rally. The Democratic Congress Qidong? Said, with 1 million candles as the representative of the people asked the president to step down. The president’s downfall is the only way to restore the nation’s reputation and strengthen Republic of Korea’s justice. The National Party Congress, Li Ronghao Pu Jinhui argued that regardless of the people, culture and sports ministry appointed second officials, this makes people laugh "". Pu Jinhui is slowly recovering intervention in the country, which is contrary to national demands, should immediately interrupt the intervention of the state. The candle in the hands of the people "will go out after the president is out", the more time the president, the more intense national anger.相关的主题文章: