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BYD "Dynasty" series to take you on the grass! Sohu motors recently, BYD joint WeMedia from the media alliance jointly organized a cool Hailar, Dynasty driving tour activities. In this activity, BYD provides a listing of the latest series of "Qin Dynasty, Tang, Song Yuan," 4 models, with more than 30 well-known people from the media, self driving traveling to Hulun Buir prairie grassland is one of the four world. Group photo! Ready to go! The autumn chill grassland. The cold wind blowing, coerced the smell of the earth at the foot of the grass blowing, rustling sound. The wheat in the ground also starts to be suffused with yellow, along the wind to the wave of a wave of ups and downs. Head has been opened up, with slight MaiRen. The sun cast a warm and languid golden light, all over the mountains and plains. The distant blue clouds, surprisingly, gigantic crowded together, along with the wind direction at the walk. Stretch out on the grass, quietly watching Yunjuanyunshu, really cool days in autumn! The blue sky and white clouds, grass lawn, Ryo Meijingnaha every day like Qionglu, covering the grassland and grassland to the most important thing is to experience the X-Tour — no limit! I often listen to the old drivers early zounanchuangbei said: "in the city opened what is called the car to drive to the grassland!" You’re right! There is no limit, no traffic lights, no traffic, no Pengcier, just fast speed and stimulation to scream! As the whole team’s strength and strength to play the role of BYD Tang’s surprise! Tang who carry a power system of a set of "three mode". The "three" is the three power sources, respectively, is a 2.0T turbocharged direct injection engine, front axle and rear axle motor motor. Engine maximum horsepower (151kW) rpm, the maximum torque for the cattle * m 1-rpm, while the maximum power of the motor is 150 horsepower, the maximum torque is $250 * M. "Dual mode" is the Tang can be mixed and pure electric mode, the two models can also be free to switch. Whether it is EV or HEV pure electric mode, hybrid mode, BYD has a strong Tang power performance, 100 kilometers acceleration of 4.9 seconds is absolutely not blow! The hybrid had no effect on the speed of power, whether it is up to speed when 100km h, or in the mud, potholes and other complex terrain, "Tang" can easily cope with. BYD km h Tang Dukes of Hazzard firmly in addition, since the another significant experience driving process is very stable: Center of gravity. BYD Tang is used before and after the Mcpherson independent suspension structure, and the batteries are also placed in the chassis, therefore, the Tang is more solid chassis, and a low center of gravity, is the so-called priceless low gravity, gives the feeling in the running very smoothly. Whether it is high speed, or high speed chicanes, speed of more than h in KM performance is very smooth, do not feel the slightest flick roll. BYD Tang low center of gravity chassis steady, point like this, a man driving the BYD dynasty.相关的主题文章:

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Jiang Jun in the "red flag" real war female image interpretation of West – Jiang Jun entertainment Sohu Sohu stills entertainment news recently Oriental TV broadcast the positive energy inspirational war drama "red flag manjuan West" attracted everyone’s attention, from the new point of view, the family, the brothers for the perspective during the turbulent years. In which Jiang Jun played sister Liang Jia Chunlan, docile a childhood sweetheart may not have troubled life, life will track happiness, meet the reform torrent, her fate change, causing the audience think decide on what path to follow. Liang Chunlan is different from other female characters play most of the war, or heroic battle the enemy, either by the hero Confidante with pity. This time the role of Liang Chunlan was summed up by the industry as follows: she inherited the reality of the show, representing a different from the past and most close to the history of the female image". First of all, although she was born in a rich family is well read, but by the end of the five virtues bound, the father at home from her husband married. So, when the elder finds her fiance when her childhood sweetheart is also identified. Secondly, in that childhood sweetheart hurt their brother, she chose to escape and love far away, the pursuit of their own bone marrow by feudal love. This is a typical female thought at that time, by the shackles of traditional ideas, while by the side of the pursuit of freedom of the power of attraction. After all, there is no choice Chunlan his true love has become the focus of attention of the audience. Jiang Jun said: "in fact, this role put her at that time, she became a contradiction of the complex, when she was in a dilemma, she chose to follow his own love, but to the contrary, it is not suitable for them, this is indeed worthy of our consideration". Good quality drama is the case, causing the audience to think, cause concern. By the Shaanxi investment group, SMG pictures, cohesion media CO produced, directed by Wang Fei, Fan Shengzhen, Zhang Su, Jiang Jun screenwriter, Lv Yi and many other powerful actors to join boutique drama since the launch of the ratings high, become the focus of attention of the audience, the strength of many actors to join the drama continued hot.   相关的主题文章:

Supreme law and other nine departments dishonest debtor bidding activities will be limited soojin

The supreme law and other nine departments: the debtor bidding activities will be limited [Abstract]22 day, the Supreme People’s court and the national development and Reform Commission and other nine departments jointly issued the "notice on the bidding activities in the implementation of the debtor promises joint punishment". Source: BTV Science Beijing September 22 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ni) on the 22 day, the Supreme People’s court and the national development and Reform Commission and other nine departments jointly issued the "notice on the bidding activities in the implementation of the debtor promises joint punishment". The "notice" clear, dishonest debtor’s tender, tender agents, evaluation and bidding activities will be limited. The "notice" by the Supreme People’s court, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of housing and urban rural construction, Ministry of transport, Ministry of water resources, Ministry of Commerce, the National Railway Bureau, civil aviation bureau nine departments jointly issued China. The Supreme People’s Court of the executive secretary Meng Xiang introduced, combined with the object of punishment in the bidding activities by the Supreme People’s court announced dishonest debtor bidder, the bidding agencies and bidding evaluation experts, practitioners. The Supreme People’s Court of the debtor name (name), legal obligations, such as dishonesty case information to the credit information sharing platform and "credit Chinese" website, the bidding and tendering agency, the relevant administrative supervision departments by "credit Chinese" website or levels of credit information sharing platform for query. "Notice" a total of four disciplinary measures. One is to limit the debtor’s bidding activities. For the project construction project that must be subject to tender according to law, the tenderer shall clearly stipulate the bid evaluation criteria in the bidding documents, and so on. For more than two natural persons, legal persons or other organizations form a consortium to participate in a joint bidder bidding activities, shall carry out the query for all members of the Commonwealth, once the combination of one or more members belong to the debtor, the overall limit antithetical couplet body. The two is to limit the debtor’s bidding activities. In the case of a bid invitation agency to carry out the bidding, the tenderee shall give priority to the bidding agency that has no record of breach of trust, and promote the bidding activities more standardized and efficient. Three is to limit the debtor’s bid evaluation activities. Notice clearly relevant units shall employ dishonest debtor evaluation experts, evaluation experts who promises to be executed on the employment period will be promptly removed. The four is to limit the debtor debtor’s bidding activities. The tenderer and the tendering agency shall, when engaging in the bidding for the employees, be restricted to the debtor who is dishonest, and shall be dealt with in the course of the bidding of the debtor who has been dishonest. Meng Xiang stressed that the implementation of the joint punishment in the tender and bidding activities of the debtor is to improve the integrity of the tender and bid joint disciplinary mechanism, an important measure to promote the construction of social credit system. Is conducive to standardizing the activities of the parties to the tender and bidding activities, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the market, is conducive to the sound of "a broken faith, everywhere Limited" credit mechanism, the formation of the whole society respect for justice, honesty相关的主题文章:

Xiao Shenyang high fever recorded program wonderful food bright blind audience – People’s Ent rewrite攻略�

Xiao Shenyang recorded programs   fever; wonderful delicacy bright blind audience — entertainment channel — tonight 21:10 large Anhui TV star sports life show delicacy "who is your dish called" II "– a member of the Xiao Shenyang high Yan value male idol group" in Northeast China F4! As a color value and temperament are very down to Earth Star, the audience would like to know whether his cooking is also down to earth. However, Xiao Shenyang’s visit to record the program is not easy, because a few days set, cause infection cold video day also had a high fever, weight dropped to 120 pounds! Of course, the program group is very close to Xiao Shenyang prepared ginger tea oh! Xiao Shenyang high fever show wonderful food bright blind audience Xiao Shenyang sent a high fever to record the program, professionalism worthy of our admiration, of course, we can also be bold speculation is for food! Host asked if the inscription is what should be the Northeast delicacy, Xiao Shenyang did not hesitate to answer is Braised Pork with Vermicelli or stewed chicken with mushroom, it seems is the one of the two northeast dishes. Of course, when it comes to the northeast of true love, and ultimately the same delicacy is green Chinese onion sauce, and the same as the north anchor Li Xiang hit it off, on the spot to hand stripping green Chinese onion sauce to eat, as is the southerner Liu Xuan couple is less interested in. Xiao Shenyang also live performances of two kinds of plug green, it is life with a rope in the funny, with talent to come to dinner. Shen Chunyang dew Xiao Shenyang join cooking material does not stop loving show this program is different from the past, the guests in the family unit, so the two sides only sent a person to another person in charge of cooking, eat on the line! Since Xiao Shenyang is "Yan" play, wife Shen Chunyang can provoke beam. In particular, Xiao Shenyang kept running in recent days, the whole person is obviously a thin circle, of course, may also be two laps, lost weight to 120 pounds, his wife Shen is sure to feel bad. See Shen Chunyang cook smooth posture we can know the usual Xiao Shenyang at home is still very delicious. After Xiao Shenyang also constantly praise wife cooking craft, naked show of affection, and Shen Chunyang is impromptu performances, is really remarkable degree of understanding, the couple collocation, do not work! Another group of guests Liu Xuan couple also blew two year because not resigned to playing second fiddle, delicacy soon, Wang is also a husband? Hundred-percent chowhound, cooking is sent back to challenge Shen Chunyang Wang?. However, the program group to increase the difficulty, let the king? The selection of ingredients to cook from Xiao Shenyang’s Secret in the refrigerator, has always been good at taking the king? Seemed to have answers, and not daunted, it is Liu Xuan wife face embarrassment, after all is a couple, Wang? Cook a few brushes or only know Liu Xuan! Finally, Shen Chunyang and Wang’s cooking? Who is better? Please watch this time Thursday night 21:10 Anhui TV "who is your dish" in season second! (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

CBA league tournament soon Liao basket players will be punished – Sichuan Channel – People’s pullip

CBA League start soon   Liaoning basket hit players will be punished – Sichuan channel — original title: CBA league players will start soon hit the distant basket punished the original title: Liaoning basket will be punished CBA league players at the office of the relevant responsible person in an interview yesterday made it clear that the association will be announced in the near future China for the final event outside the punishment during the conflict on season finals Liaoning team players and fans of Sichuan. In accordance with the League discipline regulations, the Liaoning team players will likely be more games of severe punishment. In addition, the new season playoff also has two important changes: semi finals to seven games four wins finals tournament in 2-2-1-1-1. During the last season, Liaoning team and Sichuan team finals, the Liaoning team in the process of returning to the hotel in Sichuan and the fans had a fierce clashes, it caused a great disturbance. Later, the local police conducted an investigation on the matter. According to the survey results and Chinese Association will announce the final results related to the punishment on this matter in the near future in accordance with the League discipline regulations, in accordance with the regulations of discipline, Guo Ailun, Liu Zhixuan, He Tianju and other players may face 8 to 10 game ban. If so, it will certainly have a very negative impact on the new season of the Liaoning team. (commissioning editor Li Qiangqiang and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: