NOPA soybean crush in August was lower than the same period last

NOPA soybean crush in August was lower than the same period last year, Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The national oilseed Processors Association (NOPA) monthly report released Thursday showed U.S. press, August soybean processing capacity is lower than market expectations, but also below the level of the same period last year, because crushings southwest continues to decline. NOPA said the association process 131 million 822 thousand bushels of soybeans in August than in July 143 million 715 thousand bushels. The 2015 crush for August of 135 million 304 thousand bushels. Before the introduction of the report, analysts on average expect NOPA August soybean crush of 136 million 233 thousand bushels. The prediction interval ranged from 1.28000 to 142 million 200 thousand bushels, median 136 million 848 thousand bushels. NOPA said the August soybean meal exports fell to 574802 tons, down from the year of 579417 tons in July. August soybean meal export volume of 491510 tons in 2015. August 31st soyoil stocks of 1 billion 620 million pounds, analysts expected to be worth 1 billion 606 million pounds. Soybean oil stocks for the same period last year was 1 billion 606 million pounds. At the end of July soybean oil stocks for 1 billion 743 million pounds. (is oil sink) agricultural products purchase network trading platform provider 16988- national agricultural commodities; [sugar, oil, corn, soybean, wheat, cotton, soybean meal] free resource release, purchase and docking; quote – click to view the quotation, the bulk of agricultural products into the market [shares] discuss Sina Finance相关的主题文章:

Can you feel a sense of conscience with an advertising blocker – Sohu Technology-ssdao

Can you feel a sense of conscience with an advertising blocker? Sohu technology there are many consumers will install ad blocker in your computer, that is to automatically block annoying pop-up ads, and hope that the operation speed of computer is not due to the slow speed and load of advertising. However, the advertising company Gladly found an interesting fact, they did a study in the near future, found that about 77% of the use of advertising blocker users will feel guilty, people can not help but feel very contradictory. In general, we all thought it would use Ad Block this advertisement blocker who usually presents for these digital advertising, digital content is holding a indifferent attitude, do not care about this is not let business website industry cannot get advertising revenue. But in the results of the survey, the data is to break the stereotype, let everyone know actually use advertising barrier is not devoid of conscience such a thing. Advertising company Gladly random survey of 243 users of the Goodblock ad blocker, and the research focus on the user white list in the web site’s behavior, user attitude for online advertising, as well as for some website readers forced stop advertising attitude close to do research, from the hope that this revealed the readers to use advertising stop mentality. The reason why use ratio of subjects stop advertising. (Source:Slideshare) first, as shown above, the reader will want to use the main reason for advertising barrier is nothing more than to block annoying ads, just want to accelerate the speed of the computer, which is only 16% of users really hate all advertising. What is more surprising is that, among which there are 77% readers to use the program’s attitude is quite a sense of sin, that suggests that in fact the reader also know advertisers just rely on this to make money, but they do it yourself quite conscience. In addition, Gladly study also found that 77% of users will be at least one site in the white list, 40% people will be at least 5 sites into the white list, also said that in fact they are willing to support some of the sites on the advertising to make money, and to set an example to put them in the white list. In addition, the research also shows that if there is such a site like Forbes to force them to close ad blocker, 30% of people would rather choose not to go. Gladly also made a conclusion in the end, most advertising is not to stop the user to completely remove the online advertising, except those who just want to make them feel annoying ads only, if they feel very worthy of feedback looking website, readers will choose to join them into the white list, so that they can take advertising revenue. In other words, as long as the site owners are willing to respect the reader, the reader will be the same way feedback. Related links (first figure source: Goodblock 2016 Report on read?相关的主题文章:

Do you think depression is rare Which is not a little depression! Sohu –hit5杨帆

Do you think depression is rare? Which is not a little depression! – Sohu maternal and child Qiao Renliang after depression suicide, circle of friends began to test the prevalence of depression. A group of children in the mother of the test results sent to the group said: finished, I 44 points, mild depression, how to do? Several other mothers are scrambling to test, and found that not everyone is mild or moderate depression, and even severe. You ask me how to do? I said: worry about what? Since the birth of a child, which when the mother did not point depression? Don’t think that postpartum depression, depression associated with each stage of the growth of the baby, but there are several times more serious: Bao Baogang was born is the first stage, the second stage is the three year old park, the third stage is the baby school, followed by puberty! Just gave birth to a child that a few days is not often feel like a changed person? They once had the happy and confident, strong and optimistic, womanishly fussy become sensitive and suspicious. From the beginning of the baby born in that moment, the heart is with the baby’s every act and every move undulator ups and downs with. Doctors holding the baby to take a bath when the measurement began to worry about his height and weight are not up to standard. The baby to his bosom, not happy with early experience as a mother, as efforts to prop up the weak body to a full body check nervously for the baby: baby’s hair is black and thick? Nose enough enough? Eyes enough big enough? Slender fingers slender legs? Of course, but also carefully check whether there is more than a small ear ear on the baby’s ears, fingers and toes are not good is the ten? Every inch of your baby’s skin will be seriously looked at, any one mole should consult a doctor with him. When to check, pediatrician B, BCG, heart clutches in my mouth? Don’t hit it, these are for a certain disease, if unfortunately caught a lifetime of guilt! Fight it, the vaccine does not move out of the situation, in case the vaccine itself is not safe to do? If this time the doctor told you baby which check out not to say, to look at the moment you will feel like a thunderbolt, surrounded by a dark, life will lose hope there? I remember his born second days, giving him a pediatrician examination of newborn ear, left ear does not check out. Finally, the doctor gave up, let me 42 days to take a detailed examination of pediatrics. Although the doctor a lot of comfort I said nothing, a lot of babies are like this, it may be the amniotic fluid blocked the ear canal. But I felt like I had lost my life. I am a person lying on the bed, tears Hua quickly flows into the river, my mind is to imagine all kinds of terrible. The next more than and 40 days, every day I panic wondering spent 42 days to check when the heart is pulled to the throat, until the doctor said everything is normal, a heart to calm down, only to find the day is so blue, the sun so bright? The wind blows on your face how so good! How my mother sent a message to the yard said I feel depressed? Baby don’t take milk — always depression; not sleep, toss about people相关的主题文章:

How to cure the travel chaos Expert play the role of dishonesty sanctions mechanism – Travel Channel-海思k3v2

How to cure the travel chaos? Expert: play sanctions mechanism — promises Travel Channel original title: how to cure the travel chaos? Expert: play sanctions mechanism promises this year "eleven" during the golden week, a lot of people in the circle of friends are all kinds of WeChat travel chaos scraper: part China tourists because of improper practices of travel agency, was detained in Jeju Island Korea Yunnan tour guide tourists shopping is not insulted, was ordered rectification of the Ming Dynasty Tombs scenic area is still not clear price…… As early as 2013, China has promulgated the tourism law to regulate the tourism market order, but in 3 years, the tourism of repeated chaos. Travel chaos hidden behind what legal issues? How to cure the ills of travel chaos? Reporters interviewed the experts. Travel chaos happens repeatedly, civil and economic law of China University of Political Science and Law professor Zheng Junguo said in an interview with reporters, an important cause of travel chaos continuous fermentation is the information asymmetry of tourism supply and demand. "Go to a local tourism, but can not find the authority of the tourism information, can only allow the arrangement of the travel agency, after all, people are not" tourism know-it-all "." Zheng Junguo said. Commercial Law Institute of Renmin University of China, vice president of Chinese Consumer Association Liu Junhai believes that the reason of travel chaos repeated nothing less than three points: individual enterprises unscrupulous mercenary, irrational consumers confused by false advertising, there are loopholes in the regulation and supervision departments blind. He further explained that when the autonomy in the market and the enterprise can not be cautious, if regulatory loopholes and blind travel chaos to get the real solution. "The market is not immortal, in the interests of enterprises will become irrational. At this time the government regulation has become a stable Dinghaishenzhen tourism market "." Liu Junhai believes that the market size of the growing contradiction between tourism and departments lack of supervision, supervision and do not form a cohesive force, the Department of industry and commerce, the Department of tourism, law enforcement departments of the Kowloon flood phenomenon prominent, lead to regulatory loopholes and blind. Now there is a clear focus on the development of Tourism Regulation light norms, efficiency and fairness, re innovation and good faith, heavy light safety phenomenon, which is the cause of the existence of a short board itself regulation." Liu Junhai said. In the end who travel chaos and according to reports, Yunnan Lijiang tour guide in the National Day period ", the final irony of tourists involved too stingy to pull out a hair" travel agency for violation of the provisions of article ninety-sixth of travel law was fined 20 thousand yuan, travel agency, Yang was fined 10 thousand yuan. At the same time, according to the "Regulations on the management of tour guides" sixteenth provisions, for someone to guide a certain amount of cattle to $20 thousand. "All kinds of travel chaos not only makes the tour guides and travel agencies have been punished, stakeholders in the local tourism industry chain will be" harmed ", even cause adverse effects on the local culture." Zheng Junguo believes that these acts not only violated the legitimate rights and interests of tourism consumers, but will breed a lot of disputes, and even lead to criminal. Liu Junhai stressed that the current exposure of large travel chaos, most of them violated the personal rights and property rights, the right of visitors even bargain or the right to choose. Some plots相关的主题文章:

Provincial bus reform disposal vehicles twelfth auctions to take 37 bus (video)

Provincial bus reform disposal vehicles twelfth auctions to take 37 bus to the original title: Hunan provincial bus reform disposal vehicles twelfth auction announcement at 10:00 on the morning of September 28, 2016, Changsha Xintian hotel office building two floor No. 1 meeting room will hold provincial bus reform in Hunan province with twelfth vehicle auction. The main brands are Chevrolet, cheetah, Passat, Honda, the number of quasi 37 vehicles. Please carry a valid identity certificate and certificate of payment (deposit 10 thousand Yuantai) to apply for registration of bids. Vehicle display time and place: September 21st to September 27th 12, the provincial authorities centralized office before the Ping (friendship road and Furong Road intersection southwest corner). Registration time and address: from September 21st to 17 at 708 (with the arrival of the deposit and registration of applicants to apply for the location of time), No. Bayi Road, Eastern Mansion, room 20. Tel: 136773558160731-82827709, business supervision: 89971678, stay tuned website and WeChat public platform Hunan Yongda auction". Video recommendation: Hunan provincial bus reform disposal vehicle first auction相关的主题文章: