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Finally, Zhejiang water town, garden like Suzhou, scenery comparable to West Lake – Sohu Jiangsu tourism you already had it, you should have never been to town. This is Shanghai very near, not far away from the Hangzhou place, suitable for summer night, for autumn lazy afternoon, also suitable for winter morning sunshine… You… = without having to go to Suzhou, there is one of the famous ten Chinese, the same exquisite graceful Jiangnan garden. Hav’e you need not miss Wuzhen, here is the Millennium Jiangnan, the original old charm still continues. You do not need to remember you up here in Hangzhou, the Nanbei Lake is Xianghu Yi Xiu, than the West Lake linglong. You do not need to increase to Xinjiang Inner Mongolia, here can enjoy delicious juicy mutton gobble down. You do not need to look up here in Taiwan, the White Windmill also like romantic fairy tale, to bring everyone memories of youth. Here is the Zhejiang sea, Hangzhou only distance 1H, from Shanghai only 2H from here, little has a thick and deep thousands of years of history, Wuzhen and Xitang which belong to Jiaxing, but still is the daughter of a humble family Jiangnan woman image, not excessive grease to be commercial publicity, still adhere to the original beauty so, it’s easy to city lights and noise behind. In October 30th at the end of the Nanbei Lake Cultural Tourism Festival Closing ceremony, the national tour pal here awards, and even the world champion Zhang Mengxue visited and found that! Today, Feekr will take you tour salt, this two thousand years have not changed the name, is a representative of the hearts of countless people "Jiangnan". Soft water, coastal garden at the millennium as salt lake sea although there is no Yandang like that magnificent mountains and downs, there is no Qiandao Lake like that beautiful island aspect, but here the cengluan Pinnacle hill, Moran contains a pool of elegant and mildly meandering color; here, brewing a charming and elegant. || Yi Park – China ten garden of Yi Park, one of the ten major China garden, like a serene painting, even if the passage of time, she still quietly stopped in the corner of the city, all alone in their own world. In this more than and 100 years, Yi Park from birth to the age of rain later, as to be found and the development of Jiangnan garden, has become a legendary story. Walking between the Yi Park as if to cross back pavilions, terraces and open halls, ancient times, all took some every word and action picture character. Qi Feng Department of Zuanzhai Yuanyuan main Qing Dynasty poet, playwright Huang Xieqing and the husband, Huang Jiaxian with Zhuo Yi Yuan and Yan Park, Huang Xieqing park will be two as yellow embroidered with delicate daughter. After the construction of additional attractions, such as pavilions, terraces and open halls, and named Qiyuan, meaning "a beautiful". When a garden carries a father to his daughter talk, which also took every tree and Bush a touch of tenderness. In October 29th, world champion Zhang Mengxue and coach who visited one of the famous ten Chinese – Yee Park, she here on the Jiangnan scenery is full of love. spread相关的主题文章:

Haitong macro economic stability inflation picked up global short-term monetary tightening naughty怎么读

Haitong macro economic stability: global monetary tightening short-term inflation picked up We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Source: Haitong macro bond Author: Jiang Chao, Zhou Xia, Gu Xiao Xiao economic stable inflation rebounded, global monetary tightening, short-term macro macro topic: Haitong weekly mix change speed, three line promotion policies frequently introduced, mix change will soon accelerate. This year, the central emphasis on the reform of state-owned enterprises was heating up, and one of the most noteworthy is the mixed ownership reform: in August, the SASAC issued ESOP pilot opinions; the end of September the NDRC held mixed state-owned reform pilot project, the seven power monopoly industry; in October, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises in Northeast China issued special work plan, support mixed reform pilot. Central enterprises mixed change: top-down promotion, focusing on monopoly industries. Mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises in the monopoly industry, must be pushed from top to bottom, both for the mixed change from the prevention of loss of state assets in the release of constraints, but also forced to determine the monopoly of state-owned enterprises to reform. According to the NDRC in mixed reform pilot project meeting set the tone, seven industry monopoly power, petroleum, natural gas, railway, civil aviation, telecommunications, military and other central enterprises will become the focus of mix change. The focus of the meeting was referred to the Eastern Airlines Group, China Unicom Group, China Southern Power Grid, Harbin Electric Group, China nuclear construction, China Shipbuilding and other central enterprises have become the focus of market attention. Local state-owned enterprises: bottom-up forced, focusing on traditional industries. Overcapacity in the industry of local state-owned enterprises mixed ownership reform, the need to push forward from bottom to top, focusing on traditional industries. It not only creates the opportunity for the state-owned enterprises to absorb private capital, but also alleviates the tension of local government funds. At the end of October, Shenyang property exchange announcement, Liaoning 9 provincial focus on transfer of shares of state-owned enterprises, involving total assets of nearly 670 billion yuan. In place to alleviate the economic pressure and the introduction of non-public capital. Carry out ESOP pilot, a mature one to carry out a. In August, the SASAC issued the "opinions", announced that the state-owned holding enterprises of mixed ownership ESOP first pilot to start this year, to carry out a mature one, by the end of 2018 is summarized as the case, timely expansion of the pilot. Week scan: overseas economy: the United States in the three quarter GDP new high, overseas bond market was sold. U.S. 3 quarter GDP growth of 2.9%, mainly due to consumption and exports. Strong growth for the fed to raise interest rates in December to pave the way, the United States in December the probability of interest rate hike has risen to 74%. Last week, the global bond market was accelerated to sell, 10 years of the United States, Britain, Germany, bond yields were up 9bp, 8bp and 15bp. German October manufacturing PMI highs, the ECB is expected to increase gradually from the QE. Domestic economy: Industrial stability, real estate decline. Because the real estate regulation full price, October real estate sales growth fell by ten days late, the main 26 city real estate sales growth of -21相关的主题文章:

Shanghai oil and gas trading center at the time of the China’s voice cited the whole industry 爱多vcd

Shanghai petroleum and natural gas trading center shengfengjishi   Chinese sound cited industry wide resonance – energy – Shanghai petroleum and natural gas trading center shengfengjishi to global oil and gas market "Chinese voice" in the morning of November 26th, in Pudong, Lujiazui, Shanghai petroleum and natural gas trading center (hereinafter referred to as the "trading center") officially launched operation. In the new pattern of international energy production and consumption the west east ", which was born in the East China Sea oil and gas national platform not only will Chinese the world’s largest energy consumer of oil and gas market reform to the depth, more will bridge the gap between Chinese and global energy trading system. To the world oil and gas market a strong" Chinese voice ", can be described as shengfengjishi. "Chinese voice" lead the industry with over the past more than and 10 years, Shanghai and other parts of the country have set up various types of oil and gas or oil exchange market, but never have a home like trading center to attract attention at home and abroad. In the industry view, China Petroleum Corporation chairman Wang Yilin, chairman of China Petrochemical Corp, Wang Yupu China CNOOC chairman Yang Hua of the three oil giants "a" collective scene, is the best footnote of history and magnificent prospect of the status of trading center. It is worth noting that the three chairman of the day is not only a positive assessment of the trading center more position in promoting the oil and gas market reform and enhance the important role of international energy play influence on the shareholders: as an important trading center, will fully support and promote the construction of the trading center. At present, the international energy market is in a new era of change. Suez China District vice president of global energy management of ancient Dewei international energy trade market is that geographically connected gas pipelines, gas stations construction entity center, to include the virtual center network system, transaction node set. In this process, a transparent and open trading platform and supporting a sound market mechanism is essential. "Shanghai oil and natural gas trading center is consistent with the current development needs of the China trading center, can provide the market with more gas, more LNG, more liquidity, better prices and more transparency." Kanas group LNG division CEO Michel · Mark Zhengbao reporter says. This better price and more transparency is in fact a reflection of the great role of the trading center in the discovery of real prices and the promotion of the flow of resources. Earlier, accompanied by the rise of Asian demand, China has more than 60% of crude oil imports from abroad, the dependence on foreign natural gas is also more than 30%. As the world’s major oil and gas consumption, but because of the lack of pricing power, China has to continue to pay the oil and gas market, the Asian premium". In the context of the introduction of the trading center on the market was high hopes. Trial run more than a year, the trading center has initially played its role in the discovery of price, open market. Data show that in 2015 the completion of a total of 13 billion 343 million transactions in the natural gas trading volume of the two sides (bilateral), is expected this year, a single volume of natural gas breakthrough in the 15 billion party, accounting for about 8% of total gas consumption in the country相关的主题文章:

Or to guide new generation models exposed Jeep SUV overseas spy car – Sohu foxpro6.0免费下载

Or to guide new generation models exposed Jeep SUV overseas spy – Sohu automobile Sohu [new car] before the overseas media exposure of the new Jeep compact SUV in Brazil car spy, and this is the car without camouflage picture exposure for the first time in front of the public. According to previous reports, the car will be held on November at the Losangeles Motor Show debut, the domestic version of the model will be synchronized at the November Guangzhou auto show debut. Appearance: the new car in front of the Jeep logo of seven front grille, and a chrome plated, its headlights were also used in the design of the front grille. From the side of the car, the car A column, roof and part of the tail door using a black handle, the overall visual effect is quite unique body. The design of the rear part of the new LED is relatively simple, taillights suspected of using a full LED light source. This picture [before the exposure of the new SUV Jeep interior -] from the exposure of the picture, the car interior design style and the free light is close to the overall use of black color collocation chrome trim. Configuration, the car is equipped with multi-function steering wheel, 8.4 inches of multimedia display, a key device, automatic air conditioning and USB AUX interface, etc.. Power: the new car is expected to carry 1.4T, 2.0T and 2.4L guide three engine, transmission system?? or, 6 speed manual and 9 speed automatic transmission, at the same time, the new car will provide two drive and four-wheel drive version for consumer choice. According to previous reports, domestic Jeep new SUV or will be listed in the fourth quarter of this year, and is expected to follow the guidelines of the name, or the future price in the 17-21 million range.相关的主题文章:

The Ministry of commerce is in accordance with the law of Marriott acquired Starwood equity case rev

The Ministry of commerce is in accordance with the law of Marriott acquired Starwood equity case review — financial – Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang said on the 2, the Ministry of commerce is according to Marriott acquired Starwood equity case review, will be based on the comprehensive investigation on the evaluation of the concentration is negative effect on Competition, objectively impartial review according to law. Shen Danyang, a regular press conference on the Ministry of Commerce, said the case involved in the relevant commodity market and the relevant geographic market is more complex. The Ministry of Commerce on April 11, 2016 to initiate the review of Marriott acquired Starwood equity case. According to reports, the case in May 11, 2016 to enter the stage of further review, in August 9, 2016 to enter the stage of further review. Extension of further review stage deadline for October 7, 2016. In addition, the Ministry of Commerce recently received a report on the acquisition of DreamWorks DreamWorks Animation Company in the United States, said the transaction will adversely affect the Chinese market competition. To this end, the Ministry of Commerce will be carried out in accordance with the anti-monopoly law and the relevant provisions of the investigation and verification of the case report. (commissioning editor Qiao Xuefeng and Xia Xiaolun)相关的主题文章: