Zhuzhou aviation industry to accelerate the rise of Hunan’s first general airport will be built-winavi

The aviation industry in Zhuzhou city to accelerate the rise of Hunan’s first general airport will be built in Zhuzhou general airport building renderings of Zhuzhou general airport panorama renderings of Zhuzhou general airport terminal in Zhuzhou known as the "full cap domestic power" said, in addition to the rail transportation industry well-known far and near, a Zhuzhou aviation industry is also shining city name card. Into November, Zhuzhou aviation industry city continued to spread good news. The aviation industry together to complete the country’s first independent light sport type fixed wing SA160 five seat aircraft development line of mountains and rivers, and stunning debut in 2016 eleventh Zhuhai China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition; Chinese aero engine group company aero engine and gas turbine technology major special project officially settled in the aviation industry in the city, plans to invest 10 billion yuan; the largest U.S. helicopter a kit manufacturer rotorway helicopter project officially started construction; Hunan Xiang general aviation company limited the province’s first government enterprise cooperation in the aviation emergency rescue team – the Zhuzhou aviation emergency rescue team was officially established in Zhuzhou town; navigation project in the "2016 Changsha Asia (first) Cultural Tourism Project Investment Summit roadshow special, the judges get venture capital favor and investment intentions. At the same time as the China aviation standard parts company, northern bee and many other projects in the aviation industry, the aviation industry in Zhuzhou city is to accelerate the rise of the distinctive characteristics of the industry. General airport Pojianerchu as a key project of the aviation industry in Zhuzhou City, are all Zhuzhou general airport runway, terminal and ancillary works overtime started construction, is expected before the end of 2016 trial operation. It is reported that Zhuzhou general airport for the first time in Hunan will be built and put into use in general airport. The project covers an area of 569.93 acres, a total investment of about 80 million yuan, the flight area according to 1B standard, immediately completed projects including runway, taxiway, apron, lifting belt, taxiway and supporting facilities. Among them, the runway length of 800 meters, width of 30 meters, to meet a variety of aircraft flight test requirements. 800 meter runway for the first phase of the project, will eventually be built on the runway of 3300 meters long generic airport. At the same time, communicated with the Zhuzhou general airport to the city center the "path of life" – billion Avenue, Avenue, East Avenue, take Rui Dong clothing two road projects such as a busy scene, construction vehicles shuttle, excavators, drag cars in a continuous line of soil. Expected in 2017, life channel opened across the board, the center of the city to the general airport will be less than 10 minutes by car, Zhuzhou general airport is about to usher in the era of full operation. Zhuzhou airport is the main general aviation industry in Zhuzhou city of small aircraft engines, aircraft R & D and production test and operation service, the main service operation of -12, and Cessna 172R, Gu Yun -5, diamond DA40 and various small and medium-sized aircraft flight,. At the same time, can also take into account other general aviation business, such as high altitude parachuting, hot air balloon flight, unmanned aerial vehicle flight, aircraft sightseeing, aircraft mapping, pesticide spraying, etc.. Zhuzhou aviation industrial city is located in the "national innovation demonstration zone" and "the two type of social test area" – the core of Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan Urban Agglomeration, close to the central city of Zhuzhou, with a total area of 58 square kilometers. Has been awarded the "National Aviation hi tech Industrial Base相关的主题文章:

King of comedy premiered on cross-border white Kennan Fei Yuqing magic dance culture people.c-nlite

"King of comedy" premiered on cross-border   white Kennan Fei Yuqing magic dance culture people.com.cn original title: "king of comedy" premiered cross-border white Kennan Fei Yuqing Kennan and Fei Yuqing white magic dance by Beijing TV heavy build China first all star comedy show "comedy of cross-border cross-border competition will be held tomorrow at 20:30 landing King" Beijing TV evening prime time. Comedian Bai Kainan leans to join the comedy broker, and personally led the cross-border star from all walks of life, for the audience to bring a happy comedy feast. At the same time, there will be other 4 group "Star team" and "Southern God" led the team to compete for the throne, comedy. Tomorrow, is the "king of comedy" cross premiere show, Kennan will join Fei Yuqing on stage comedy. "Cool mouth crosstalk" Prince Kennan white met "verse scripts hand" Fei Yuqing brother, first to full understanding. After a ", the two decided to give advice and suggestions" will be on the stage "magic dance" with singing. Prior to exposure from the network on the guest list for the "white Kennan partner Fei Yuqing" is a group of the most popular among the explosion heat, I do not know tomorrow night at the premiere, they bring cross-border works will not be to the other four teams a "run"? Let us look forward together! (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章:

National Diving Championships-verbal jint

The National Diving Championships in Guangzhou in September 21, the opening of the Yangcheng newspaper reporter Huang Xinhao Intern Lv Na reported: sponsored by the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center swimming, hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau, sports training center, two sand in Guangdong province of Guangdong Olympic Sports Center in association with the 2016 National Diving Championships today in Guangdong Olympic Sports Center swimming pool opening. The game lasted a week, ending in September 27th. Teams from 20 provinces and cities nationwide 263 athletes, the game consists of male, female 1 meter springboard, 3 meter springboard, 10 meter platform, individual all-around, 3 metre springboard, 10 meter synchronized, groups and mixed 3 meter springboard, mixed 10 meter platform, and mixed Almighty etc. 17 events. This is the first time the Chinese diving team in the Rio Olympics after the national event, won the 7 gold medal in the Olympic diving champion in recent rest to adjust the main, did not participate in this competition. An important test but this contest is also national diving team to prepare for the 2017 Tianjin provincial games. Therefore, the participating provinces and cities are also highly regarded. At the same time, the management center of the State General Administration of sport swimming with the game on the occasion of the Olympic Sports Center in Guangdong held the Olympic Games for support units daxiehui, during the China national diving team preparing for the Olympic Games will give strong support of Guangdong province and Guangzhou city the relevant unit of leadership and staff thanks. Administration of Swimming Center Director Wang Lusheng and deputy director Zhou Jihong on behalf of the center director Wang Yuping to the Guangdong Province Sports Bureau, Guangzhou Sports Bureau inspector Liao Xiaoming unit expressed gratitude and thanks to the plaque.相关的主题文章:

Hard just curitiba! The catch and shoot the three one can let him second place-sorpack

Hard just curitiba! The catch and shoot the three one can let him second place Curitiba catch and shoot three points hit second Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 12th, for a pure three shooter, the key shooting ability is "catch and shoot", barely shot is not a striker to do, open shots the opportunity is not often, it is the ability to catch and shoot a pure shooter that has the most. In all of last season played more than 500 minutes of time, at least 41 hit three points players, will be divided into three shot all their catch and shoot the statistics, you can see the shooting which three broke up the most accurate shooting. As the three worst League Curitiba shooter, his catch and shoot the three hit rate of 48.8%, higher than the overall 45.4% of his season with three points hit rate, which is also in line with expectations, "catch and shoot" shooting rhythm, for the shooter is more likely to score. Curry last season, a total of 363 times three points out "catch and shoot", hit 177 record, but the library percentage is second in the league, ranking first in the last season in the summer, was traded to the Pacers Geoff teague. Teague last season with 113 catches threw three point shots, hit 56, 49.6% hit rate is the highest in the league. The third is Reddick, last season he 421 times three separate hands, 318 times from the catch and shoot, thanks to Paul’s assists, Reddick also hit the 154 ball three ball, hit rate of 48.4%. Reddick is ready to shoot the three ball instantly catch and shoot three percentage ranked fourth and fifth respectively is the bucks and Bayles Miami Richardson; and Della Vedova, knight to give up the contract, the hit rate of 46.9%, sixth in the League last season, he also hit a total of 75 down catch three vote, the Spurs beat the core of Leonard ranked seventh and ranked eighth in Toronto core lori. For Leonard, he shot 291 times last season, a total of three points, hit 129 record, which comes from the catch and shoot three shots for 222 points, means Leonard will not easily to barely three point shots, the Spurs in the system, he also obtained more easily catch and shoot opportunities and even vacancy three shots. Kawayidi foot three points in ninth and tenth respectively in the last season with the Pacers George Hill and bucks Middleton. Interestingly, the Bucks last season in the League three points hit the least number of teams, they averaged only 5.4 team record three points, three points more bikori individuals, but there are two players, a catch and shoot three hits are ranked top 10 in the league. (Gavin)相关的主题文章:

Jiangsu 6 Martyrs Memorial facilities upgraded to national level-happynewyear

Jiangsu 6 Martyrs Memorial facilities upgraded to national level approved by the State Council, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the 20 batch of sixth 96 national Martyrs Memorial facilities list. It is understood that the current total of more than 4 thousand and 200 Martyrs Memorial unit protection facilities, the annual reception organization at the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, schools and other units and the commemoration of martyrs to more than 10 times, the masses to sweep 1.5 hundred million people, is to promote and carry forward the spirit of the martyrs of the revolutionary tradition education and cultivate the important place of socialist core values. The implementation of the martyrs memorial facilities protection management, national Martyrs Memorial facilities 277, mainly at the expense of the struggle in the memory of martyrs of major events, important campaigns and major revolutionary base, or have an important impact on the famous martyrs, China revolutionary struggle sacrifice of famous international friends, it is more important to commemorate the significance, the construction management level is relatively high, the typical demonstration role in praise, publicity, education and other aspects of the more prominent. The approval of the national Martyrs Memorial facilities, both reflect the Long March period cemetery in Guizhou Xishui Qing Gang Po Red Army martyrs is also reflected in the period of Anti Japanese War, Shandong Feixian County martyrs cemetery, reflect the liberation war of the Liaoning Tashan zujizhan Memorial Cemetery of martyrs; both individual based Henan general Ji Hongchang Memorial hall, also commemorate the heroes group of Jiangsu Liu Lao Zhuang eighty-two martyrs cemetery. These martyrs memorial facilities, although buried in different periods of the martyrs memorial, but promote the love of the motherland, loyal to the people, selfless dedication, the courage to sacrifice the spirit of martyrs is the same, permanent commemoration, we cherish the memory of the martyrs, not forget an important spiritual force in the beginning of the heart, take the new Long March road. The Ministry of civil affairs in the published list of requirements at the same time, the country should further strengthen the protection and management of the martyrs memorial facilities, standardize services, improve the management level; a solid job of martyrs deeds excavated and organized propaganda, exhibition efforts; organize the sweep, to commemorate the martyrs activities actively, give full play to the national Martyrs Memorial facilities in the heritage of the red gene, memory the revolutionary martyrs, to carry out patriotic education and other aspects of the leading role of the demonstration.相关的主题文章: