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300 thousand only a few rear wheel drive cars, the highest discount actually has about 100000 Sohu – you should know after the car drove over the previous drive control performance is better, and better control of the fun. But now the car in order to cater to the market after the flooding is less and less, in addition to some micro drive cars, the cheapest to close to 300 thousand. Today, take a look at these few of the cheapest car after the drive, there are up to 10 of the tens of thousands of concessions oh! Comment: Uncle brick can be said to be resolute the cheapest car driving after the young, sporty appearance, about 200000 starting price, there is a substantial discount, the market can do these points it is perhaps the only, but also adapted very large space. After the news blog will be discontinued at the global scale, although the last official sources said in the long term will not stop, but also explains the resolute replacement on the agenda, we will wait and see. Brick uncle comments: Q50L is a domestic version of imported Q50, enjoy 4 years or 100 thousand km free maintenance, but also with a rare one of the 7 block manual transmission, front drive in the form of considerable control fun. Now there are more than a few million discount rate. Brick uncle note: ATS-L is the absolute main Cadillac brand models, directly to the big three (Biao BBA Benz C level, the BMW 3 series and Audi A4L). ATS-L now there are many concessions, less than 250 thousand yuan after the offer can be scored. Brick comment: BMW 3 series is the benchmark level of control, strong power with excellent chassis, and then there is a precise point, will make people feel different places BMW. Now the 3 Series in many places there are many concessions.相关的主题文章:

The car quickly shared a new journey first car bank operation ajviewer

The car quickly shared operation a new journey of devaluation car banks in August, Didi announced to enter the car rental industry, many people have to sweat for the P2P car industry. From the progress of the past two years, the development of P2P car look, there is no outbreak, there is no air, it seems that this will be the car into the car industry, the first rolling object. But the fact is that, although the drops have a million level users, but drops chose to OTA model approach, delivery vehicles and high subsidies Yazhen, drops not choose P2P mode. Because in the P2P car, C side of the vehicle is the most uncontrollable, the highest risk factor. C side vehicle operations, is still the crux of the current P2P car rental industry. In the face of low-frequency user behavior, how to operate a good vehicle to improve user matching, P2P car rental companies have their own exploration and attempt. Southern China’s largest car rental car sharing platform quickly, will choose the right to operate social idle vehicles in hand, leveraging the user demand for fixed income. Car Steward: a full range of operational management of car rental car since 2015 launch of the hosting service, the right to operate the car to the platform, then a monthly unit to provide fixed rent to the owners. During the custody period, the vehicle is responsible for the management of the platform, including the order response, vehicle handover, accident handling, illegal handling, etc.. After more than a year of operation, the car quickly summed up the pros and cons of the hosting business. Because there is a certain custody of the vehicle resources, directly improve the speed of the car in order to respond to the speed and flexibility of vehicle deployment. In the current domestic P2P car rental industry, fast car orders matching rate has always been maintained at a high level, the user experience is the best. The vehicle can be hosted on the company’s customers for higher requirements, some day rents high, the deposit is high or less popular vehicle is difficult to maintain a high occupancy rate, the car quickly formed a burden for it. August 2016, car rental business will soon be a refinement of the car, through the big data statistics rental rate is higher, and is ready to further expand the number of such models. Compared to last year’s orders in response, vehicle handover, illegal handling and other services, the car is also a fast car hosting business also joined a series of car maintenance and more comprehensive services. "The car is now hosting the equivalent of a car steward, the owner of a car is a vehicle to be assured as long as the car, we like the same housekeeper for the owner take care of specific issues associated with the car rental, car rental to responsible person said, it is the car managed operating experience of the past year, just let go the car has experience and confidence in the car can be a good housekeeper. Fixed income: if the car can also be deposited in the bank in addition to worry in the operation, for the owners, this car steward and the equivalent of the bank’s role. As everyone knows, the car because of its characteristics of consumables, the depreciation can hardly be avoided. Many small and medium-sized car rental company vehicles are difficult to achieve high occupancy rate, vehicle depreciation generated during idle rate cannot erase. The C side of the individual owners can not prevent the loss of value of the vehicle in the idle period. Time is money, and it is also useful for cars. Fast car rental car business is"相关的主题文章:

Middle aged men to know the success of health care methods – maternal and child Sohu y580

The middle-aged male reproductive success to know the maternal and child health care methods of Sohu around us many men to work, when successful, began to consider fertility problems. But at this time may be due to a number of problems affecting fertility, age is the most intuitive, in addition to the success of fertility, men should pay more attention to enhance the body’s resistance. [planning to wear jeans before pregnancy] due to the age of men has been one of the main causes of infertility. On the one hand, and a middle-aged male but also active sperm, with weakened hand and middle-aged male days and months multiplying bad habits, and some chronic genitourinary diseases. Don’t miss the golden age of male fertility [] newspaper common man was 60 years old, 70 years old can also be a dad, how can we not? Man’s age is so important for children? Many middle-aged fathers heart often have such doubts. In fact, the factors of male age on fertility is crucial, childbirth does not directly cause infertility, but late birth will affect eugenics. The optimal age of birth is between 25~30 years old, and with the increase of age, the neonatal mortality rate will increase accordingly. [middle-aged male reproductive health] first: focus on reproductive health, prevention of male reproductive system disease. Prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases, varicocele and other reproductive and urinary diseases can lead to infertility. Therefore, unmarried men should be physical examination once a year to understand their health, if found to be a problem, should go to hospital for treatment. Second: to develop good habits. Quit smoking (especially before birth within six months), drinking and other bad habits, less late at night, soon sit; especially not long wearing tight jeans, keep the blood running smoothly; eat more fruits and vegetables. Third: away from pollution. Try to stay away from air pollution and water pollution caused by industrialization; fruits and vegetables should be cleaned, it is best to eat in order to avoid the abuse of organic Vegetable & Fruit, agricultural fertilizers and pesticides; the use of unleaded gasoline, as contained in automobile exhaust lead is the killer of reproductive system. Fourth: more exercise, enhance body resistance. Special remind: only a Beijing family hospital, no branch! Please pay attention to more good [WeChat public number: Beijing Tianlun Sterility Hospital (bjtlbyby2) (- press copy)]相关的主题文章:

Face on the grade! About 300 thousand V6 engine B class car on these sections – Sohu car ghost observer

Face on the grade! About 300 thousand V6 B car engine that several Sohu automobile turbocharged engine is the moment many car of choice, most of the 30, 400 thousand cars, most of them will use 2.0T turbocharged engine. Indeed, the 4 cylinder small displacement turbocharged engine is a lighter, more explosive, but compared with the V6 engine, the latter in comfort, quiet and high speed power storage and distribution, have a better performance. Brick uncle believes, to some extent, V6 engine is more suitable for luxury cars! Comment: Geely B-ray uncle brick can be said to be one of the best domestic intermediate car, the vehicle design is very beautiful and excellent texture, let it get a very high degree of concern and good sales performance. At the same time, dingpei Borui is equipped with the 3.5L engine, is also the first domestic V6 engine on autonomous cars, this, unlike other models seckill. Brick comments: 2, tert Reiz 300 thousand interval, only a V6 engine + front drive transmission layout of the car, so many people say that it has a very good driving pleasure. In fact, in essence, is a household Reiz midsize sedan, dynamic layout that gives it more quiet and comfortable good. Comment: a lot of people buy a brick – Passat, generally will only consider the 1.4T 1.8T 2.0T the turbocharged version, but in fact, top with 3.0L models was the most consistent with location of the car business: no power hysteresis, comfortable and smooth. Brick review: Taurus is Changan’s first large sedan Ford, it has a very good configuration performance, while pricing is a little higher than the average level of the intermediate car. However, if your budget is enough, it is recommended that you buy this 2.7T V6 turbocharged models, not to say anything else, but 6.9s’s ability to accelerate the speed of one hundred kilometers, the spike of many opponents!相关的主题文章:

Elite upgrade extraordinary, 2017 Ford Taurus wegener肉芽肿

Elite upgrade extraordinary, 2017 Ford Taurus domestic high-end business car, there seems to be an interesting phenomenon – the former Taurus era and the era of post taurus". Before we have long been accustomed to existing models of renewal, or even think that this market has not played out what tricks; but at the end of last year reached the market in Taurus, just debut with 2.7T guards repairer process and technology configuration, and twin turbo engine, the original market told senior car so can play. Especially this year 1.5T models after the listing, is the rare configuration and sincerity price, take business and private layer cake. Just a few days ago, the 2017 Taurus is also listed, not only the configuration and improve, and a comprehensive upgrade of EcoBoost 245 flagship and the market has been concerned about the V6 LTD limited edition, a total of 6 models, the price range of 234 thousand and 800 to 369 thousand and 800, Taurus still Chushoubufan — on power, the configuration or the sense of science and technology, and Humphreys than luxury cars to enjoy the car, the cross level competition increasingly ready to". As a high-end business car, the power is always important decision factors for a car, it wants the taurus. Since last year on the market, Taurus is a strong driving force of media coverage, 1.5T enough, 2.0T strong enough, 2.7T fierce enough strength, it does not lose a lot of luxury brands. Taking the 1.5T engine as an example, even to "beat" the Audi A6L 1.8T, BMW 5 series and the Mercedes E class 2.0T, dynamic performance of the Taurus was opened, the lightweight design of the vehicle has further enhanced the advantage; then to a higher level, 2.0L double vortex turbocharged engine even throughout the entire domestic market there are opponents; if you come up with a 2.7T twin turbo engine is a bit "bully", similar to the performance of power, luxury brands already run on the 600 thousand, the Taurus V6 models less than 350 thousand of the price even for me it is not worth the strength, obviously can more expensive…… At least in the current car market, less than 600 thousand to buy 242 power and 475 nm power performance models, Taurus is definitely one of the most powerful competitors can not be ignored; if then can add 92 oil and a variety of high-end configuration into account, Taurus even becomes the only option on the market. Here, we think of the fine tradition of "introverted", to buy this thing do not apply. Many consumers for the blind pursuit of the eye-catching logo, even more than the product itself. It is therefore also forced other brands can only come up with the strongest strength to impress us, but also let us have the honor to see the strength of a Taurus so detached car. Last year before the listing had Taurus day on performance, configuration, workmanship and overall value, in the luxury brand is at least 600 thousand level; and with the Taurus crush level price, said that for many luxury brands face is also not too much. Today, the low-key listing of 2017 Taurus or even a substantial increase. On the comfort of car.相关的主题文章: