The real thing! Exposure to Blues to lose Fabregas Manchester or 20 million left poaching – Sohu

The real thing! Exposure to Blues to lose Fabregas Manchester or 20 million left poaching – Sohu Chelsea exposure to winter sports   window to rent a small law since Conti switched to 343 after Chelsea like rebirth, summon wind and call for rain in the past October. The 4 game, 4 games, 11 goals, back to the top of the standings, Conti’s team with the record to prove the success of the world’s 343 tactics in the world of the 4. But behind the total Conti Bianzhen victim, this time Fabregas became the most unlucky person, as of now, the Spanish midfielder started only once in the league, that is 0-3 defeat to Arsenal, and he played just 55 minutes to be replaced, then in training method have a thigh injury puzzle, which he always failed to gain a foothold in Conti’s. Right now, the winter window fell, the Spanish midfielder almost only selected departure paths, and for senior Chelsea there are two options: cleaning or rent. According to the British "times" news, Chelsea is not completely sold Fabregas, after the Spanish veteran is still very high residual value, and his contract is for two years, so the winter will tend to rent out outside the window. But because Fabregas is Chelsea’s third high paying owners (in a Zal and Diego – Costa), a staggering 160 thousand pounds, a non wealthy club to "shelter", a small law will face huge pressure on wages. Therefore, the times revealed that Chelsea intends to take the unusual way to rent him out after a small part of his salary subsidies. For Chelsea, the player’s approach, fans are already uncommon, to know that in Europe, Chelsea has 38 players out on loan, while 38 people in Chelsea’s rented lineup, not only Claude Lado, this will also have Remy, Traore, Chris, like Christensen’s prospects. Although the rent drama often staged, but let Chelsea subsidies player wages, there is some time hasn’t happened since 2014, Torres has joined Chelsea to join Milan, high level is no longer the player’s salary for subsidies. In fact, want to dig the winter window Fabregas team not in the minority, the Premier League leaders Manchester City is one of the earlier, according to the "sun" disclosure, Guardiola will be attributed to the record low team is not a complete revolution, many position for the player does not fully comply with his tactics, and adaptability strong tactical consciousness is his method of small high-energy candidate, it is reported that the blue moon also prepared a transfer fee of 20 million pounds to the race in law. In addition, inter Milan and Juventus are also interested in the method of small, this summer’s transfer deadline day, Fabregas almost joined AC Milan. Once a small sale or rent, Conti will attempt to introduce a new midfielder, and there is news that the Italians have been eyeing Paris frustrated Pastoret this season, he made only 6 appearances under Blanco. (GD)相关的主题文章:

Hiking in Tawau – I just want to go deeper with nature – Sohu travel (video)

| hiking in Tawau? I just want to be with nature deep – Sohu tourism sometimes the best scenery in the head movement area and in the depths of very fast-paced life of people in impetuous lost will slow down to pure precipitation field walk to find their own initial categories: hiking travel light outdoor skills: hiking camping in Quanzhou – Putian – Quanzhou team this maximum number: 35 minimum requirements: 25, the only ancient trail here no city bustling village only quiet no flat along the highway is the ancient city gate remains of primitive forest steep canyon clear streams and that I do not know the years have scattered Adobe into the smell of the fragrant grass listening to the birds and insects to feel "you Ming Fujian ten classic hiking routes" and "Xiao Wu Mountain Power "Different customs in travel highlights 1 hiking close to nature is our ultimate purpose of hiking in the canyon between Zhuhai through forest streams and waterfalls may you enjoy the attention and devotion which finally looked at sunset silhouetted against the lake enjoy the nature of your best compliment 2 foot walking on the road to play water canyon on the way to listen to the sound of water gurgling rapids that looked at the clear the pool as calm cold stream swept away the body tired, together across the village, no one here, do not feel the same" Water Splashing Festival "3 mountain Tianchi 987 meters above sea level here was where the volcano basin water into the lake here and green grass here is known as" Fujian power Takeshi mountain "here is the first East Tianchi Tawau Tianchi 4 sunrise afterglow Tawau peak elevation of nearly 1000 wind, cold night, as lack of hydropower So still willing to rare stars, sunrise, clouds and waiting for the itinerary: Day 1 07:30 Quanzhou designated location set. (about 3.5 hours by car). Holidays or in case of weather and other special circumstances, we may make adjustments to the starting time, specifically, 2 days prior to departure notice. 11:30 arrived in Ocean Township, everyone at their own expense lunch. 13:00 arrived in Tawau on the road today starting point – "San Tang Palace". 16:30 more than three hours of walking, we finally came to the "no man village", not far from what we are looking for Tawau tianchi. 17:30 set up their own tents, exercise your ability to time, tent building skills get! 19:00 camping dinner. 20:00 fire carnival! Look at the stars on the head, feel the quiet night. Day 2 06:00 Tawau summit the highest point, see the sunrise. 07:00 get up to eat breakfast, with a small partner to share it. After the meal, we pack up their tents. 08:00 surround Tawau hiking circle, high mountains and lofty hills, feel the charm of nature. 08:30 ready to go down the mountain, easy to climb the mountain, down the mountain, the housework must be careful. 12:00 everyone in the Ocean Township frequency相关的主题文章:

Premier League Intelligence the 8 round of Swansea fall into the trough, the main impact of large lo-invictus gaming

The premier information: Swansea 8 victorious subsidence trough the main loss effect on Monday 014             Premier; Storck city VS Swansea       2016-11-01 04:00         Venue: the Britannia Stadium is expected to 10 degrees cloudy weather: the city of Storck situation: Storck city team team nearly 4 League 2 wins, 2 unbeaten, finally from the bottom position came out, prior to the 5 round of the league they only got 1 points. This season the team movement in the market is not big, but the beginning of the season, Sachiri and Bartlett, avery et al were injured, have been affected, especially in the last round of the game Sachiri almost single handedly helping the team win the game, the Rome team since the January years Sara hemming in Africa, also intends to introduce the Swiss the number one star in the winter window. While important signings Choan and Indy team this season is also gradually into the state, the lineup, the game team are basically old wounded, little effect. Swansea’s status: similar to the city of Storck, Swansea team this season in a slump, after the first round of League win never again achieved a victory, the only product 5 points ranked second, the last round of the game against Waterford to stop a fourth of the decline, but the old Mr Bradley still winless. This season, he and Ashley – leave Williams on the team still have no small impact, and the reinforcements they have no corresponding tonic. The game has little effect on the team without Dyer, Monteiro also can play a question mark. Confrontation history: the two sides fought nearly 6 times, Storck, 2 wins, 3 draws and 1 losses slightly prevail. Game Analysis: the field of Macao and to the Lord let hemisphere water dish, instant plate water level continued to uplift, two wins if the team win win with high water too cheap, William note by the low pressure negative to compensate for the visiting team, also have to guard against the Lord let a ball competition color, choose the guest gall. The first prediction: Storck city (4231): Grant Bud Azee Leigh, Peter Mars, shocr Ross, Indi Cameron, Sachiri, Arnautovic Boni Whelan Joellen, Swansea (4231): Norton, Vander Horn, Lukasz Lydon, Kingsley Bbu Watson, Ma Ki, Lauter Rich Baston barrow, sigurdson SMG recommended: let the negative Shengping Fu相关的主题文章:

Riley hinted that he would retire from the shirt Wade thought he would shed

Riley suggested that Wade will retire Jersey: thought he would cry there is no regret medicine sina sports news Beijing time on November 15th, according to NBA’s official website reported that the Miami Heat president Pat Riley accepted the famous NBA reporter David Aldridge recently when interviewed focused on Dwayne Wade, Riley did not hide to miss Wade, said Miami and hope to be able to retire Wade’s jersey. This summer, Wade turned to the Bulls’ decision contrary to the vast majority of people’s expectations. At the same time, as the main decision-makers of the heat Riley has also been questioned and criticized by many people. Although Wade has not been linked with Riley since he announced his departure from the heat, but Mr Riley says his feelings for Mr. Wade will not change. "We will always love him (Wade), and we will never forget him. Whenever I think of him, I will shed tears. Although I am a heart of stone of Irish descent, but please believe me, when Dwayne left, this is a heavy blow to me." Riley said. During the interview, Riley also revealed that one thing, that is, a career full of injury plagued Wade had intended to retire in the summer of 2014. "4 years ago (that is, after the heat of the giants won the first championship), Dwayne said to me:" coach, I will not play for two years to fight the three. I will retire. "" Riley said, "because he was injured. But now I see the news that he wants to be 40." When Wade decided to leave the heat, many people would like to know whether his jersey will retire in the heat, including James and Bosh. Although Riley did not answer this question, but he made clear that the American Airlines Arena will leave over a seat for Wade’s shirt. "I think you have to wait until they retire. I really think so." When asked whether the heat will retire the big three shirt, Riley said, we will always keep a seat for him (Wade). He is a very special player and he is very special to this team. I used to coach him, he knows who I am and he knows what we think of the team. No matter how we look at the outside world, we are rebuilding the team and he knows we will do it with the right defense." (Rosen)相关的主题文章:

If you can love, hand in hand for a lifetime, if you do not love, do not turn

If you can love, hand in hand for a lifetime, if you do not love, do not turn around the end of the public concerned about the number of sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: beautiful dust into the war time, let us see their love, edge to edge to love, if love is in hand for a lifetime, if not love, don’t you turn around. A lot of things, love is not control, because can hand in their hearts, and is a kind of fate, not in hand, not obsession is too deep, to learn to let go, learn to forget themselves in the rivers and lakes. If love is in hand for a lifetime, if not love, don’t you have turned to call a friend cried; "I love him so many years, never asking for anything, just like to be with him, but he actually broke up with me". I call this head, do not know what language to comfort her, because there are too many reasons for breaking up, some personality clashes, some romantic cheating, some reluctance to love, the world thousands of break up, there is only one reason, love is not enough to. It is often said that there are thousands of miles to meet. From the understanding of love, are doomed to fate, but can go hand in hand for a lifetime, only to see the two sides can continue to love. If you can love a lifetime, hand in hand for a lifetime, if you do not love, do not turn around a lot of time, two people together, you need great courage. Because together, you will be the worst side of their own, a little bit of exposure in each other’s eyes, the eyes of each other once the most beautiful place, so many shortcomings, you continue to choose to go together, or immediately break up? Because together, you can hardly be avoided a noisy bumps, more love more tired, each other once sweet happiness, everything is illusory, you are to choose to tolerate, or walk away? If love is in hand for a lifetime, if not love, don’t you turn this lifetime, you can choose single, but your life will not be successful, because there is no love, it is difficult to understand the love to the bones of happiness, because there is no break up, there is no legal solution to the soul of the pain. The hand of fate, need to adhere to each other, regardless of wind and rain storm resistance, do not give up, if I can love you for a lifetime, hand in hand, after all, is not easy to fall in love; if not love, don’t turn around the world, all loved. More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: