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Ovulation does not rule? The 3 way to help you accurately calculate the ovulation time – Sohu health when we begin to prepare for pregnancy, we have to consider when to prepare for pregnancy is the best time. Good day to do a good job of pregnancy, can achieve a multiplier effect. If the time is not accurate, pay more effort may not be effective. For women with normal menstruation, according to their last menstrual time accurately calculate the ovulation period, the general ovulation time is in the next 14 days before menstruation. A week before and after ovulation, is the best time to conceive. Regular menstruation very well, but encountered menstruation is not it a bit difficult and stable. Irregular menstruation, we can not calculate the next ovulation time. May come on time, it may be 7 days, or even longer. Therefore, this time is very worried about the people, irregular menstruation, how to calculate ovulation time? Basic body temperature measurement of basic body temperature can be prepared to master their own ovulation time, which is the most convenient way. The basic body temperature is measured after 6 hours of sleep, wake up when no other activities measured oral temperature. Connecting the body temperature of the test date into a line is the basic body temperature curve. The basal body temperature curve of normal ovulation is a biphasic curve, with a high temperature and low temperature region. In general, ovulation day is the lowest in the basal body temperature that day, which is related to hormone secretion in vivo. Ovulation test paper method of daily life there is a more convenient way of monitoring, ovulation test paper monitoring. If the test line is stronger than the standard line or the same strong, said the woman is about to ovulate. However, the current ovulation test paper standards are not consistent, and the specific circumstances of each person is different, so it is best to use a variety of brand ovulation test paper. The accuracy of ovulation test paper may be relatively low, this thing you need to understand. B ultrasound monitoring ovulation method through B ultrasound monitoring, you can visually see the development of ovarian follicles and ovulation. Just want to know the ovulation, do a B ultrasound monitoring can be in before ovulation and after ovulation; if you want to understand the development and ovulation and follicular, you need at least one cycle of regular monitoring. For women with irregular menstruation, ovulation time is more time and effort than normal people. The right way to calculate the ovulation, so that we can do the least effort to achieve the best results. Do not because menstruation is not a small problem, you lose the confidence of pregnant. As long as you have enough patience to do the work, you will find pregnant, not so difficult to imagine. Irregular menstruation, just let the children come to us when it took some time, but he will eventually come. Click below and read recent articles: < the birth of sex, ridiculous! > < the · double red ribbon care uterine activity > < the baby is always pulling ears? Be alert to otitis media > "irregular menstruation?相关的主题文章: