Overtaking man killed in a car accident sentenced full responsibility for family members dissatisfie foldercure

Overtaking man killed in a car accident sentenced full responsibility for family dissatisfaction make much noise, the traffic police team pulling banners, burning firecrackers, passing vehicles to stop illegal…… October 21st afternoon, Zhoushan City Public Security Bureau to dispose of the illegal acts together to disrupt unit order and impede the normal running of the vehicle, the scene and arrested 4 suspects Xu Mouli. On the same day at 2 pm, Xu Mouli carrying banners, Xiaoyi, paper money and other items, called Xu Moufang, Xu Mouzhen, Yao and other 20 relatives drove to the Metro Police Brigade door, all is crying and burning firecrackers. City Traffic Police Brigade police repeatedly to persuade each other, not only did not listen, but all the more, the city traffic police brigade to normal office. Subsequently, Xu Mouli, Xu Moufang Xu Mouzhen who is pulling a banner to Haitian Avenue, stop illegal vehicles, resulting in road congestion, almost paralyzed. After the police station rushed to the scene, Xu Mouli, Xu Moufang, Xu Mouzhen and Yao were summoned to inquire. After understanding, September 23rd, Xu Mouli father Xu electric car ride in Metro bridge beyond the front to others with electric vehicles, two vehicles collided, Xu injured died after treatment. After careful and comprehensive investigation, the new city traffic police group identified that Xu was fully responsible for the accident. In this regard, the deceased’s family expressed dissatisfaction, according to Xu Mouli and others, they want to raise pressure through the crowd, blocking the way to the police, asking for re identification of the accident liability, in order to claim to the other side. If there are objections to the determination of the liability for the accident, the public security organ may apply for reconsideration or bring a suit to the people’s court in accordance with the provisions of the law. Legal responsibility should be borne for causing disturbances and disrupting social order." Police investigators, Mouli Xu, Xu Moufang, Xu Mouzhen three people, due to illegal acts disrupting the order of the unit and impede the normal operation of the means of transport, with was sentenced to administrative detention for 15 days; Yao for disturbing the order of the unit, was sentenced to 7 days of administrative detention punishment.

男子超车出车祸身亡被判全责 家属不满大闹交警队拉横幅大肆喧闹,烧纸放鞭炮,非法阻拦过往车辆……10月21日下午,舟山新城公安分局处置了一起扰乱单位秩序及妨碍交通工具正常行驶的违法行为,现场抓获徐某力等4名涉案人员。当天下午2时许,徐某力带着横幅、孝衣、纸钱等物品,召集徐某方、徐某振、姚某等二十余名亲属,开车来到新城交警大队门口,众人又是哭闹又是烧纸放鞭炮。新城交警大队民警多次上前劝说,对方不但不听,反而闹腾得更加厉害,致使新城交警大队无法正常办公。随后,徐某力、徐某方、徐某振等人更是拉着横幅走到了海天大道上,非法阻拦过往车辆,致使道路拥堵,几近瘫痪。新城公安分局民警赶到现场后,将徐某力、徐某方、徐某振、姚某等人传唤询问。经了解,9月23日,徐某力的父亲徐某骑电动车在新城大桥上超越前方同向他人电动车时,两车发生碰撞,徐某受伤经救治无效死亡。新城交警大队经过细致全面勘查,依法认定徐某对该起事故负全部责任。对此,死者家属表示不满,据徐某力等人交代,他们想通过聚众闹事、堵塞马路的方式向警方施压,要求重新对事故责任进行认定,以便向对方索赔。“如果对事故责任认定结果有异议,可以依照法律规定,向上一级公安机关申请复议或向人民法院提起诉讼。聚众闹事扰乱社会秩序要承担法律责任。”办案民警介绍,徐某力、徐某方、徐某振三人,因扰乱单位秩序及妨碍交通工具正常行驶的违法行为,被合并处以行政拘留15日;姚某因扰乱单位秩序,被处以行政拘留7日的处罚。相关的主题文章: