Oppo r9s released the country’s first support for dual pixel focus technology phone w32dasm

OPPO R9s released the first domestic support double pixel focusing technology mobile phone Tencent digital news Beijing time on the night of October 19th, OPPO held a press conference in Shanghai in the type of product, has recently been frequently exposed to R9s R9s Plus debut, compared to the R9 series mobile phone released in March, R9s focused on the new photo enhanced, IMX398 image sensor with new customization product release debut. And before the exposure of the pictures and product information is basically the same, R9s and R9 were maintained in roughly appearance design, updated in some detail. The original white antenna back by three 0.3 mm micro joint replacement, to ensure the integrity of perception, this is the Meizu and iPhone 7 kind of arc antenna, a new design scheme to solve the back. Positive glass cover of the OPPO R9s using the fifth generation gorilla glass, compared to the R9 on the fourth generation, the performance of the glass in the fall of the fifth generation improved by up to 80%.. R9 appeared on the front of the fingerprint recognition module is updated into a similar iPhone 7 can not press the solid state fingerprint identification module, with the simulation of force feedback. OPPO and SONY jointly customized IMX398 has become the focus of this conference was mentioned update. The IMX398 R9s is equipped with a 16 million pixel image sensor, the sensor size is 12.8 inches, a double pixel focus technology, OPPO R9s has become a domestic mobile phone, the first to support dual pixel focusing products. Two phones, the larger the size of the R9s Plus support optical anti shake, and R9s only supports electronic anti shake. Core hardware, R9s equipped Xiaolong 625 processor, 4+64GB of memory, the battery capacity of 3010 MAH, support VOOC flash charging technology. R9s Plus is equipped with the latest Qualcomm snapdragon 653 processor, with 6+64GB memory, the battery capacity of 4000 Ma, also support VOOC flash charging technology. System, the R9s equipped with Color OS 3 this emphasis on security, enhanced telecommunications fraud, pseudo base station, the application of the mandatory purchase behavior monitoring. Color, R9s two phones will have gold, rose gold and black. R9s mobile phone price 2799 yuan, R9s Plus price of 3499 yuan, in October 28th officially on sale. By October 19th, OPPO this year only focus on updating the R series product line OPPO, according to official data presented show that R9 series on sale after 82 days of sales exceeded 7 million, becoming an important booster in the mobile phone market this year A new force suddenly rises. OPPO. Obviously OPPO spent half a year on the iteration of the R9s, apparently to see the R Series in China and even the huge potential of overseas markets. The news that OPPO changed the product strategy through the success of the R9 series product line, the future of OPPO, and the products might be more low frequency appears in the update list, and such a function more like R9s flagship products will)相关的主题文章: