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One week, Beckham do push ups on the piano, supermodel Gigi was raided [eye-opening] – Sohu hold strong fashion celebrities last week, some people are happy people angry! The news of the explosion is the envy of the CP JoliePitt divorced Julie alone with 6 children rented mansion; Gigi Hadid is the supermodel Vitalii Sediuk raid practical joke notorious repute addicts hold strong, well practiced boxing Gigi elbow back; the little princess Sherlock in Britain for the first time with mom and Dad together to visit my brother Canada, most steal the spotlight or face a dislike of the brother of Prince George, even the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told him. He shook his head; Zuckerberg donated 20 billion to cure human diseases, such as rich headstrong, Zan; Beckham on piano only wear a white underwear do push ups, so he go to what supermodel Gigi was abnormal…… raid strong hold, practicing self-defense! Supermodel Gigi Hadid last week at the Max Mara show out on the train ready to leave, the results on the road by a strange man from behind "assault" strong arms, men start directly from the Gigi legs, it is sexual harassment. Fortunately, Gigi practiced boxing, an elbow directly to the top of the past, then the man was let go away. You can see from the video Gigi really want to catch up with the past beaten meal, but still pulled by security, and sister Bella Hadid get on the bus. The man called Vitalii Sediuk, is a journalist in Ukraine, the notorious repute practical joke. He was in the street pulling Kim Kardashian do not let go, suddenly kissing Miranda Kerr pants photo undressing in front of American singer and model Ciara, was also drilling at the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet actress America Ferrera skirts, even the male star did not let go, once in the movie premiere ceremony to kiss Will Smith is a big fan of the mouth, even into the red carpet directly kneeling in front of Leonardo Dicaprio and Bradley Cooper Liz, the most excessive once he gave Brad Pitt directly into the red carpet. Such troublemakers are red shameless… It should catch up in prison for a period of time. (actress America Ferrera drilling skirts) fashion circles public figures in both men and women, should learn as Gigi, self-defense boxing fighting is still very necessary in practice, it is hard to say what you will encounter sudden metamorphosis. That supermodel love fitness, remember the sport in the physical training body, don’t forget to combat the practice of elective. Gigi after posting on twitter for his boxing coach, also encourage girls to learn self-defense. Gigi usually see boxing, valiant and heroic in bearing. Her sports gym is called G.相关的主题文章: