On the State Road, a large truck suddenly hit 6 students hit the road caused by 1 dead and 5 injured bloxorz

On highway truck suddenly sprang into 6 pupils caused 1 dead and 5 injured in the news network September 27th (reporter Chen Chung Dai River Sea sea map) 1:22 yesterday afternoon, 319 National Road and Nanjing river section, a large truck suddenly sprang down the road, 6 lane, head of primary school girls going to school, killing 1 people were killed and 5 injured. To 8 points last night, more than 5 injured students are in the PLA Hospital Surgery 175th. Yesterday afternoon, the Nanjing police WeChat public number Nanjing public security micro released the first time informed of the accident investigation, the Department of poor operation of the truck driver led. Currently, the relevant remedial work and the cause of the accident is under investigation. After the accident, the scene pictures and videos spread in Zhangzhou WeChat circle of friends. Video display, in the direction of Zhangzhou to Longyan, a license for the min F61288, loaded with corn, a large red car parked on the roadside, after the wheel, the five or six children lying, sitting on the ground. And the right rear wheel, a child lying on the ground, motionless. Lee said witnesses, 6 children were hit, and the local Creek Center primary school students, 6 are girls, read the second grade, when going to school, did not go on the road, walking in the street, do not know how to open the van!" In the afternoon at 4:30 pm, Nanjing police WeChat public number Nanjing public security micro release informed that 26 afternoon at 1:22 PM, Liu Mougen driving a heavy dump truck, along state highway 319 line from Zhangzhou to Longyan direction of travel to and from the export of high-speed river about 200 meters, the operation measures ineffective, the car driving way right, touch pressure walking in the street children Ye Moumou Deng Liuren, which ye Moumou died on the spot, the remaining five people were injured. According to police sources, the driver Liu Mougen, 45 years old, Nanjing county and the town of local people, has been controlled by the police. According to the 175 hospital medical staff, at present, the number of minor injuries have been in surgery, and the other 2 patients with a slight light is scheduled for surgery, as well as a patient’s condition is mild, in the observation of treatment of 2. More than 9 points last night, the reporter contacted a slightly heavier illness girl (9 years old) father, he said, had just finished surgery, children right leg amputation. Video: Jiangxi Ji’an: Jiangxi Ji’an Road Primary School had died: elementary school on the road was hit and killed >相关的主题文章: