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Japanese magazine broke the news: Japanese table tennis association not to let Ai Fukuhara marry Jiang honji – Sports Sohu [global network reported] in Taiwan when the electronic newspaper reported on August 25th, with the Taiwan table tennis team players Jiang Hongjie set about lifelong Japanese table tennis player Ai Fukuhara won the bronze medal in the Olympic Games in Rio team after crying. Japan’s "women’s magazine" before the date of bid, Japanese Table Tennis Association mercilessly stop Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie married. The report pointed out that the Japanese table tennis related sources, Ai Fukuhara in the game to carry "Rune", except in Sendai City, Miyagi Osaki eight shrinep1030531.jpg Qiulai win that match, Jiang Hongjie is the boyfriend in the Olympic Games before the match, is specially to the Longshan Temple in Taiwan for his girlfriend for the amulet, embroidered "good luck" 3 words, Ai Fukuhara will have good luck charm placed on the Olympic uniforms. Ai Fukuhara in February this year to visit the home of Jiang Hongjie, and his family together with her to go to the Longshan temple, so the is a very special amulet for the two people, the. Two people originally agreed this year to get married, but Ai Fukuhara Japanese media said, "the Olympic Games just ended, would like to slowly relax, immersed in the joy?." Jiang Hongjie said, after the end of the Olympic Games will be officially released." Japanese media reports. However, Japanese media quoted the Table Tennis Association cadres said, "the Japanese Table Tennis Association of Ai Fukuhara has given great expectations in 4 years after the Tokyo Olympic Games, Ai Fukuhara was 31 years old, but it is still representative of table tennis circles in Japan Women’s Association to the real idea is, hope she would like in the past, attention in the competition." Table Tennis Association cadres it was not optimistic about Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie’s relationship, there are cadres said, "the Olympic Games in the preliminary round group was defeated, Jiang honji than Fukuhara Ai, also a large income gap, if the marriage must be referred to as" marriage gap "(disparity). Furthermore, Jiang Hongjie reported that now because of "Ai Fukuhara’s lover" fame, also some people secretly said: "he is in the use of Ai Fukuhara", so the cadres advised Ai Fukuhara to think calmly and the future of Jiang Hongjie, so Ai Fukuhara has delayed the idea of marriage. "Women’s" reports, Table Tennis Association’s "poor marriage no" ruthless instructions could make Ai Fukuhara feel the pressure, so she said in the blog wrote, "not in the mood to decide the immature. Bet on life, playing table tennis. The Olympic Games just ended, I also have not been able to face my mood completely at present, hoped can give me the full consideration time." Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie’s relationship to fruition, sustained attention.相关的主题文章: