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Offline and online, in the heart of domestic intelligent mobile phone is important? Sohu technology in the end is to sell things online or offline? This has become a mobile phone business problems. Of course, the past two years, the answer to this question is clearly no doubt, millet created a whole line of the times, but also the achievements of the legend. However, there are two companies counter attack, one is OPPO, one is VIVO, and the two companies seem to belong to this family, so it is classified as a class of good. The two companies rely on line store expansion, the success of the domestic mobile phone sales China rushed to the top three, millet will topple. In fact, there is no doubt that with the changes in the development of new technology and the normal population structure, online sales will gradually become the mainstream, integration of the line and the next line will no doubt, especially for such as mobile phone standard products, will be more and more people through the network channels to purchase. However, the online user population growth is also a period of time, and particularly at a time to reach the ceiling, need to wait for the next wave of natural evolution, and the next line of consumer needs will gradually migrate to the line, but because of the development of the market area and get more space, also brought the rapid consumption of short time the growth of. Can afford to buy from, the channel does play an important role, no matter which companies must attach importance to the construction of channels. Obviously, the channel construction line can rely on e-commerce enterprises mature, such as Tmall or Jingdong, can also rely on a strong advertising and marketing planning for their business platform but blockbuster, requires long-term siting, construction and management of the continuous line, the difficulty is relatively large, but once formed, competitors to imitate it it is difficult to. The line and the line is not a contradiction, in the consumer here does not become a problem, people only care about where to buy cheaper and more practical, if you think the Internet is better, it will choose online stores, if you think better, it will choose the line. Mobile phone companies need to adhere to is to allow different consumers to choose the right channel, rather than forcing customers to go to some kind of channel shopping. The line is insufficient, it is difficult to cover all users, but the line of low cost, rapid development, even shrinking business that does not cause serious pressure on the operation, the most is the lost, but the line is not the same, and training a large number of management personnel need to keep sales ability and glib, lease and decoration and maintenance also need the place of business, also need a large number of logistics and distribution, for very high management ability and the use of funds, once the products have problems, a large number of stores will be difficult to get rid of the burden, not only will lose money, but also can cause a deficit to a promising enterprise. Online, in addition to their own construction channels, but also can take a lot of ways, which is the practice of the past few years. For example, the simple channel organization, as its first product, the effect is not necessarily worse than self, can also help operators channels, operators for many years of sales experience and ability is very strong, but also around the urban and rural areas, the distribution capability is extremely strong, as long as there is good cooperation pattern exploration.相关的主题文章: