Officials learned that after the investigation was a message on the circle of friends sunny came home

Officials learned that after the investigation was circle of friends a message collusion in Fujian province Sanming City economic and technological cooperation office director Lin Chunxi that the original investigation by the organization, not only do not repent, but also adopted a series of remedial measures, such as the original channel will refund the money transfer, agreed with the parties involved in the WeChat circle of friends to send information, collusion point like other methods, but also ask the so-called familiar disciplinary review business experts, and the use of its own for many years as the leading cadres accumulation of connections for people everywhere to intercede. (February 16th Chinese "discipline inspection report") as the leading cadres, do not think hard for the public to better serve the party and the people, but the organization and the people gave him the power to themselves, and as for his own benefit, crazy money making tools, daily performance and corruption of the past and the Spring Creek Forest corrupt officials sacked is the same. Moreover, they are willful and "fame" at the same time in Taiwan, but also had revealed a "retarded" and send out strong "silly". Flagrant disregard of organizational discipline, and even contempt of Party discipline, will be superior to the organization principles, without the hands of public power to seek illegitimate interests for themselves and others, as the leading cadres of the party culture for many years, don’t they know that serious consequences of their own to do so? The sharp eyes of Party discipline and state law can not see the dark corner of them? This is self defeating, and what is not "stupid"? There are many corrupt officials sacked after his corrupt blame for relaxed learning and leading to their organization and discipline indifference, to reduce the high standard and strict requirements on their own for nothing, can say with certainty, "emotional" only. However, in fact, they don’t really learn nothing? The former party secretary of Guangzhou Wan Qingliang sacked the day before the Guangzhou city hosted the second batch of the party’s mass line practice and education conferences, and stressed that self-criticism to ‘not afraid of spicy’, to ‘not afraid of spicy mutual criticism ", and vowed that the corrupt elements should outcrop hit, otherwise flies may become" tiger". Without deep study and deep thinking, how can he tell this kind of "profound" theory? However, no one thought, just overnight, Wan Qingliang, a very good camouflage of "tiger", has shown its insatiable prototype. Therefore, the corrupt officials not learning, not lazy, but since that clever and even attempt to self deception to himself with gorgeous coat on the positive image, seek the promotion of capital, and to cover his dirty soul and sordid acts, so as to achieve the purpose of cheating organization, deceive the masses, it is too "silly". In contrast, the Spring Creek Forest behavior can be described as more "silly", even through the WeChat platform to the public in collusion against the organization, review, and do not hesitate to use the relationship between the parties for their own behalf, which is not be zibaojiamen, confession? Hatred, people cry even less, the head hanging in the face of Party discipline "sword", what a person dared to ignore? Four

官员得知被调查后朋友圈发消息串供   福建省三明市经济技术协作办公室原主任林春溪得知被组织调查后,不仅不思悔改,还采取了一系列“补救”措施,如按原渠道返还方式转账退还赃款,与涉案当事 人约定以微信朋友圈发信息、点赞等方式串供,还请教所谓熟悉纪律审查业务的专家,并利用自己多年担任领导干部积累的人脉关系到处找人说情。(2月16日 《中国纪检监察报》)   身为党员领导干部,不思勤恳为公,更好地服务党和人民,却将组织和人民赋予其的权力据为己有,并当作是为自 己谋取利益、疯狂敛财的工具,林春溪的日常表现及其腐败堕落过程与以往那些落马贪官可谓如出一辙。而且,他们在台上任性妄为而又“风光无限”的同时,其实 也早就透露出了一股因“智障”而散发出来的浓重的“傻气”。   公然无视组织纪律,甚至蔑视党纪国法,将自己凌驾于组织原则之上,滥 施手中公权为自己及他人谋取不正当利益,作为受党培养多年的领导干部,难道他们不知道自己如此行事的严重后果?党纪国法的锐利目光难道会看不到他们这块阴 暗角落?这岂非自取灭亡,不是“犯傻”又是什么?   还有许多贪官在落马后,将自己的腐败与堕落归罪于因放松了学习而导致自身的组织 纪律观念淡漠,因不思进取而降低了对自身的高标准与严要求,可谓说起来言之凿凿,“动情”处涕泪交流。然而,事实上,他们真的不学习、不思进取吗?广州原 市委书记万庆良落马前一天还在主持召开广州市第二批“党的群众路线实践教育活动专题会议”,并强调“自我批评要‘怕不辣’”、相互批评要‘不怕辣’”,并 信誓旦旦地说,对于腐败分子应当露头就打,否则“苍蝇”可能变“老虎”。没有深入细致的学习和深刻认真的思考,他又如何能够讲出这一番“高深”的理论?然 而,任谁也没有想到,仅仅隔了一夜,万庆良这只极其善于伪装的“老虎”便现出了其贪得无厌的原形。   可见,贪官不是不学习,更不是不思进取,而是自以为高明甚至是自欺欺人地妄图靠这些积极的表象来为自己披上华丽的外衣,谋求晋升的资本,并借以掩盖自己的肮脏灵魂与龌龊行径,从而达到欺蒙组织、欺骗群众的目的,真是何其“傻”也。   相比之下,林春溪的行为可谓更“傻”,竟然通过微信这种公众平台来相互串供,对抗组织审查,并不惜动用各方关系来为自己说情,这岂非是自报家门、不打自招?过街老鼠,人人喊打尚且不及,面对高悬于其头顶的党纪国法“利剑”,又有哪一个人胆敢无视?   文 乔木 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: