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Note7 Hongkong’s first fried! Samsung is also called the external force – Sohu digital mobile phone Chinese [news] after the mainland broke two Note7 explosion news, recently the media reported that Hongkong, Hongkong Huang housewife purchase of the Samsung Note7 explosion, and the explosion released too horrible to look at photos. Samsung’s description of the reasons for the explosion of the phone and Samsung in response to the two explosions in the mainland, the explosion was attributed to external heat caused by. Samsung, Hongkong, a spokesman for the explosion photos responded that, according to Samsung and New Energy Company test results show that the product is damaged due to external heat caused by. We can see that the mobile phone has been almost completely burned from the photo, there are a lot of black objects on the ground, do not know the battery after burning out of the liquid, and the basic was disintegrated completely, the panel and the frame has been isolated before and after. Samsung had earlier made it clear that, from August 26th to September 1st in Hongkong to sell Galaxy Note7, probably less than 500 mobile phones is a problem. However, Hong Kong media said that Huang housewife purchased Note7 mobile phone is not in the scope of the replacement. It is reported that Samsung has contacted the customer, in order to understand the details of the incident, we will pay close attention to the subsequent development of the matter.相关的主题文章: