Not only China, but still delicate seven a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, the home of Pan

Not only China, but still delicate seven a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, Panini Sohu and imitation who will, but not authentic and what is the significance? Wen Xu Xiaoshou seven home = stiworld = seven home, whether at home or abroad, regardless of travel or travel, there is always a simple meal you forget, touching love like between old nine door and putting the girl, even if the man has to go, the bowl is still not forget. About wherever you will never forget the delicious, he told me that her most memorable is that authentic Jhnny Palmer, even when idle, will you come to mind its shadow. In 1980s, when Panini became popular in Italy, the Italians even called themselves "the children of Panini."". Many more celebrities eat Panini, such as Pavarotti, Sophia · Roland, famous American pop singer Blaine · Adams is specially flew from London to Milan to taste authentic Panini Panini, now let’s come to the Shenyang, you have what reason to refuse, when eating a star with the. Then you think I will tell a story of the feeling of touch one deeply in the heart? Let you down, this is not, and I’m not going to make the story, simple and crude to can be explained in two words or three. In 2016 a chance, he found a dedicated ciabatta bread baking factory, by the European Michelin chef personally modulation bread recipe, delicious to the extreme, so decided to create a separate brand for Panini, with the chef’s bread with us after two years of repeated research out of the original delicious fillings, and "seven Panini was born. The shop is not big, and even can be said to be a bit small, a few feet high chairs and a counter, almost full, ten square meters shop decoration is everywhere, like as my bedroom, how warm it how to decorate. With a light yellow light, the clerk sister narrowed his eyes to reveal the standard smile of eight small teeth, leaving you feel the warmth of the left. Seven home Panini adhering to the authentic concept of scale selection of soft bread between just perfect and flexible, and then put into the grill machine baking, bake until coke a lever, inside with a healthy and delicious food, crispy skin, soft inside, each people lead a person to endless aftertastes. From the bread to the fillings are unified distribution by the central kitchen, so not to worry about the health problems, but also saves time, whether it is work or anxious to go home at the end of the day, 2 minutes for a Panini is a good choice. Small animal shop is good, like the little koala, they also have a name, they called the round, and round, I drink this red pitaya bubble, western style western style ~ Panini Panini salami sausage hot 24 yuan a big mouth, biting down on this one enough to make you shock. Tuna Panini 22 yuan from the beginning of the entrance oh相关的主题文章: