Not blow! The first one in the history of western style in ancient Chinese Diego

Not blow! The first one in the history of western style in ancient China Mei Diego Messi faces a sina sports news reports in Spain "Marca" headline screamed "Gao Qiu: the first Western characters in ancient Chinese mei"! "Marca" title Messi fans said, Namesi and Gao Qiu ratio, that is not to pull a son? On football skills not to say, after all, the ancient Cuju and modern football is not a small difference. But the theory achievement and status, or our high Qiu better ah. Messi:??? Look at the "Marca" is how to say: "China culture to promote human civilization many inventions, such as gunpowder, compass, papermaking (Spanish know compass papermaking was invented by China), but you should know that football is Chinese originated from. Precisely this sport is the name of Cuju, according to the 2004 FIFA said, 3000 years ago, this is the earliest form of football, and Zibo (ancient Linzi) is the origin of this movement. The Song Dynasty is the peak of Cuju era, according to the history books, records, called the first Gao Qiu Messi figures in the history of football." Blow the ancient god is understandable, but it blows to blow one thousand years ago…… In 2004 FIFA that is the origin of Cuju football that the British had expressed doubts, they think there is not the same thing with football cuju. British historian Tom – Holland believes that football began in nineteenth Century. He said: "I regret that I have no knowledge of the ancient origins of football. The reason is simple, there is no such origin. It is one of the most common activities of human beings to kick and kick an object. Many nations in many parts of the world may have been doing this. This does not prove that they are the inventor of football." Chinese experts also stand out immediately retorted: "the modern football activity in Britain and carry forward, from the British developed into Europe, from Europe to carry forward to the whole world, but you said if we trace back to the origin of the China Cuju is fully deserve. The process includes the propagation route of Cuju communication, including FIFA here, we all China including sports historians argued, this is the basis of." About the origin of football, to tear tear will not be the result, or take a look at the ancient Messi, Gao qiu. The movement of Chinese Cuju have to understand, you should have seen the name "energy-saving" TV series. Which word first appeared in "historical records", "kick" is playing, "Ju" is the ball. With the development of the Han Dynasty Three Kingdoms, competitions of the Tang and Song Dynasties Cuju, is the sport of the peak, and the key elements of the goal. Ma Duanlin in "literature tongkao" – music exam mentioned twenty: "kick ball cap began in the Tang Dynasty, with two bamboo, several feet high, on the network to the door, to the earth. Ball point about friends, to corner the outcome." The site is called Cuju Cuju Ju City, central stadium erected two three Zhangs Club Goal diameter of about a foot, called "Merry eye". 12 or 16 people per team, a position including ball head, ball head, Xiao, is taking a pinch, left pole network, right pole network, scattered legislation goal is landing on the ball, not the case after passing, and finally kicked the ball)相关的主题文章: