North China, Huang Huai will have fog and haze cold air in the northern region-kimi wo omou melodi

North Huang Huai will have the haze weather in northern cold air in September 30, according to the Central Meteorological Observatory website news, 2016 during the National Day holiday, the country without a wide range of heavy rainfall, temperatures in most areas, the overall weather conditions suitable for outdoor activities. Northern cold air activities, but before the holiday period of North Huang Huai with a mild to moderate haze or fog. Huang Huai festival in northern China has foggy weather. From 1 to 4 during the day, North Central and southern Huang Huai diffusion conditions, mild to moderate haze or fog, of which 3 to 4 in the morning, North China, Huang Huai, JAC and other places with heavy fog. 5 to 7, the diffusion conditions are better, the air quality is excellent. Cold air activity in North china. 3 to 5 days and 6 days to 7 days, the north will be the two large range of cooling and precipitation, with 4 to 6 level wind, cooling rate is 4 to 8 DEG, local 10 DEG C; precipitation to rain or showers, 4 central and southeastern Inner Mongolia, northern Hebei there is moderate to heavy rain, East, northwest 7 days north of moderate to heavy rain, local thunderstorms and other severe convective weather. In addition, 1 to 2, northern Xinjiang, Northeastern Inner Mongolia, Northeast China north will also appear precipitation and wind cooling process in northern Xinjiang, local moderate to heavy rain; the southern Huang Huai, JAC with moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain. Jiangnan and Southern China to sunny or cloudy weather, only 1 to 2 days in the eastern part of the Yangtze River and Southern China showers, local to heavy rain. Yunnan and Sichuan were alternated with rain. Intermittent drizzle, but 1 to 2 Yunnan, Sichuan, west of the basin in the middle to heavy rain, local heavy rain. Windy weather in the eastern waters. The typhoon "Chaba" influence, 3 days to 5 days, Ocean east of Taiwan, most of the East China Sea, yellow Hainan will have 7 ~ 10, 11 ~ 12 gust winds; affected by cold air, 5 days to 7 days, Bohai, the Yellow Sea will have 7 ~ 8, 9 ~ 10 gale gust. In addition, 6 days after the Northwest Pacific and the South China Sea may also have 1 to 2 typhoons generated during the holiday period, no impact on china. Inner Mongolia and the Liao, high grade of fire. During the holidays, Inner Mongolia Eastern prairie fire weather rating is high; high Forest Fire Weather Ranks in parts of southeastern Gansu, southwestern and Eastern Shaanxi and southern Liaoning, Shandong Peninsula, Eastern Guizhou, Western Guangxi and other places.相关的主题文章: