Ningbo public bicycle rental will also be online app do not have to do card in advance govos

Ningbo public bicycle rental APP mobile phone will be on-line without advance card reporter yesterday from Ningbo City Department of transportation, from tomorrow to September 25th, Ningbo will launch a "Publicity Week" activities of bus travel in Ningbo city in 2016. The theme of this year’s public awareness week campaign is the preferred bus   green travel, which in September 22nd to carry out green transport   wisdom travel as the theme of green travel activities. In addition, during the event, there will be a public bicycle rental Ningbo mobile phone line also launched a series of APP convenience initiatives, in order to encourage more people to choose a more environmentally friendly way of bus travel. Nowadays, public bicycles are more and more popular. So far, the number of public bicycles in urban areas has reached 1121, the number of piles has been 31675, the public bicycle has been put on the 30035. Public bicycle rental volume has been rising, but the current public bike in Ningbo to take the form of a deposit in advance of the card, the objective of limiting the use of public bicycle groups. During the event, a new public bicycle rental APP will also be heavy on the line. After installation, as long as the use of mobile phone to the two-dimensional code on the sweep of pile position. After paying a deposit through the phone, you can easily rent a bike, but also the use of mobile phones when the car will return the deposit. As a result, as long as the move a finger can easily rent a car, no longer need to do card. It is worth mentioning that, in September 19th 0 to September 25th 24, the public rental Public Bike 1 times per ride will automatically win 1 pieces of "carbon credits", after the event, the carbon credits accumulated before 20 people ride, will receive the organizers awarded the "low carbon star" title. "Low carbon star" can I hold the public card and ID card to the city of Ningbo public bicycle company (Wu Road, Haishu District No. 15 layer two) to receive award certificates and a low carbon travel card rewards. Activities stipulated in the same outlets each rent interval should not be less than 5 minutes, in order to prevent malicious brush points. If there is a number of malicious brush phenomenon or any violation of the relevant management practices, will be removed from the active participation. During the event, the Department of transportation on behalf of the people, will be invited to the bike and to carry out environmental protection volunteers, Ningbo urban public bicycle three anniversary in the eastern part of town culture square, Yinzhou Park, Zhenhai public plaza, Beilun intime City, to commemorate the riding activities, and the selection of "riding Master", to promote the "carbon credits" the concept of environmental protection, the selection of "low carbon Master". (correspondent   Chu Pengfei;     Xue Caosheng;  )相关的主题文章: