Ningbo 1 barber shop, a hairpin $37 was fined 90 thousand boss to ask for

Ningbo 1 barber shop, a hairpin of $37 was fined the boss to ask for forgiveness of this small haircut worth $1776. This would only cut 10 yuan hair, the barber said to be tempted to do a "37 yuan" hair, when the check has to pay 1776 yuan, because it is not a hair clip 37 yuan, but do hair with a 37 yuan. Because of alleged price gouging, a barber shop in Ningbo was fined 90 thousand yuan price department (newspaper September 28th A9, A6 reported in October 22nd). Recently, the head of the barber shop on the Internet to send a public apology, hoping to get the public’s forgiveness, and promised that the next 60 years of age and older children under the age of 10 can be free barber shop. The network said he wanted to do business promised "never cheat the person in charge of the barber shop the net posts written in November 2nd, titled" reflection again on the 37 reflection, a clip of a letter of apology ", the letter said:" this is my wife and I borrowed the money to open shop, both of us are what is rural, no money at home, then borrow money to open the shop, is to do business honestly. I turned the shop, only a few months to open. When it happened, I was at home, I did not expect me to go back one day, employees actually do. Employees can say no money, I can go, but I can not. This shop is our effort and hope, things happened, we admit the mistake, but also to accept the punishment, and the parties have a sincere apology." Make three commitments barber shop owner also post: first, open and fair price is absolutely clear; children under the age of 10 in two, 60 years old Haircut permanent free; three, never cheat guests. Currently to pay a fine of post for a pardon from yesterday, the evening news reporter contacted the post of the person in charge of the barber shop Fang chuan. He said that he could not say is the boss, because the barber shop is a Hangzhou company straight camp, just as an employee of the company management of the store in Ningbo, however, he and his wife invested 40 thousand yuan into the 4% shares. Because the barber shop business license is to do with his wife’s identity card, so a fine of 90 thousand yuan fell on their heads. Fang Chuan said, these days they are around to pay the fine on the first. The reason for posting online, he said, although they have done wrong, but still want to get everyone’s forgiveness, but also through public apology, indicating the determination of rectification. Making clear the list has also adjusted the staff appraisal standard Fang Chuan told reporters, after the event, he intended to dismiss the two employees, but difficult to read in their family, let them temporarily suspended reflection, their level of degradation. We have never been in accordance with the number of billing charges in the way, these two employees may be due to greater pressure on performance appraisal, made such a behavior." He said that the store has been carried out the assessment method has been adjusted, no longer only as a member of the performance appraisal indicators, and to assess the number of repeat customers. More important is,.相关的主题文章: