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Neymar exposure for Barcelona refused the four giants of Paris price offer too shocking – Sohu   sports; Neymar exposure for Barcelona to the big four Beijing time on October 9th, from the Spanish "world sports newspaper" the news, in order to stay at the Nou Camp, Neymar a huge sacrifice, this summer, as many as four branches of the Brazil giants hope poaching players, and open let Neymar almost unable to reject the contract, but the Brazil ace decided to stay at the Nou camp. In May 23rd this year, when Barcelona won the double, Neymar said so, "I was barcelona". At the time, such a statement might seem unremarkable, but the Brazilian show to Barcelona to practical action. In fact, in 2013, Real Madrid and Barcelona two clubs are berserk less, when Real Madrid opened a 70 million euro signing bonus (similar to signing), but Neymar didn’t mind, when he joined barcelona. Neymar’s annual salary is 8 million euros, breach of contract to reach $190 million, but this summer, he was tempted beyond imagination, there are four giants trying to introduce the Neymar. "World sports daily" said, in order to get Neymar, Real Madrid sporting goods company contact through BOT less, they offered a 5+1 contract, the annual salary is 32 million euros, signing fees are 40 million euros, but Neymar did not accept. Paris to Neymar also resorted to mad chips, they out of the annual salary of 40 million euros, the signing fee is 40 million euros, not only that, PSG Neymar name was established a hotel chain and give the player a 30% stake in the price shock trying to impress the Brazilians, but Neymar still did not agree. In addition to Paris, Manchester United and Manchester City two Premiership giants Neymar are willing to splurge, but Brazilians decided to stay at Nokamp, playing in Messi and Suarez’s side, and that decision actually let him sacrifice a lot of economic. In the next week, Neymar in conjunction with the Barcelona contract, he is expected to receive 15 million euros, although far less than the big four out of the price, but for Neymar: happy is the most important. (Black Mamba)相关的主题文章: