Next door company released cheap adorable couple over corruption-9c8947

"Next door" company released cheap adorable rot (Sina Jiangsu) over a couple of Hollywood agent action comedy film "next door" company was released on November 8th, the day received numerous praise. This is known as "the new Smith couple" film, action elements and stimulating, easy jokes, and Yan burst table values "mad men" Jon Hamm and "Wonder Woman" Gail gadot, two people have a lot of "taste" plot in the movie, the audience will see that lovers "very good," November is dating the preferred popcorn movie. The most sexy spy movie "Wonder Woman" underwear dew devil figure Gail gadot is Israeli actress, model, was elected in 2004 Israel miss, after "4" speed and passion in Gisele, entered the movies. 2016 starred in "Batman wars Superman: Dawn of justice" in the "Wonder Woman" popularity soared. Gail gadot has the enviable hardbodies, especially a double suction eye of numerous big legs. Her appearance is Natalie Portman, Kayla Knightley and Qingli, Kelly, Taylor, min card Swift sweet, and Candice, Siwannei Bohr’s charm, many boys in "sexy goddess". In the "next door" in the company, she played a domineering female agents, a wearing black lace underwear show to "spray nosebleed" good figure. Had served in the army for her to show his good skill, she said, making this agent play particularly enjoyable, there are many dazzling action scenes in the movie, racing games also let her very excited. In the face of the audience for her sexy and beautiful praise, Gail gadot but said he did not want to do "vase", but saw his acting. She said: "people’s appearance is only auxiliary, it can not represent all. If you don’t read well, if you don’t play well, it’s no use looking good." This is Yan acting goddess, is not let you stop? "Next door" company "suit male god Joham handsome bright love to eat Chinese delicacy Joe Hamm as" mad men "fame, Hollywood" suit men of God, to the female audience, he is a pleasing welfare. In recent years, many Hollywood movies are the embodiment of Chinese elements, Chinese scene, Chinese actor and so on, in the "next door" in the company there are "special" China elements. In a Chinese open "Cobra club", Joe Hamm as a "spokesman" for Zach Ann gallifet Nargis (works of "the hangover") introduced the characteristics of China delicacy — Snake food and snake. The meat and drink snake in China Guangdong, Guangxi, Hongkong area is more common in foreign countries, it seems there are a lot of people like. Neighbors are the agents "Silk couples" counter attack change said that "funny spy if your neighbor is a spy" just to meet the person peeping and curiosity, then join the ranks of agents, starting from a rookie agent experience will be impressive, unforgettable. Jackie Chan’s neighbor agent with three)相关的主题文章: