New York aspect Yang Mi fell in love with grandma with supermodel broke into fall on the ground face zibba

New York aspect: Yang Mi fell in love with grandma with supermodel broke into "lead: New York Fashion Week Fall on the ground face down" is nearing completion, after ushered in Tang Yan and Li Yifeng, Yang Mi also followed appearance. Yesterday, freaky Yang Mi appeared on the Michael Kors show, but also in the field of shows, in order to brush the presence of a supermodel broke into "fall on the ground face down".   New York aspect: Yang Mi fell in love with grandma put time back to the spring and summer of 2014 New York fashion week as saying the hot mom is not the first time to New York, back to the spring and summer of 2014 New York fashion week, Yang Mi was not freaky, but has shown her temperament, when she attended the Marc by Marc Jacobs big show, a Houndstooth suit, see there is a feeling that entranced, a Korean noodles perm, the original little girl from that time began to yearn for a life? Yang Mi’s trip to New York other reviews Yang Mi somehow, the chemical action of New York and Yang Mi seem to revolve around retro costumes this year, from the airport to the grandma’s glasses, yesterday show black and white floral suits, the widening age single people looked really pinched the sweat, good and here we review the other Yang Mi in New York. Other: Airport styling: Airport Airport in Yang Mi in the shape of dark green leopard shirt collocation perspective nine points wide leg pants leather texture, a pair of white shoes and a shirt with the echo of dark green bag, pure just can go to the university campus for a walk, but how can there is no sense of fashion allows conflict effect, so the latest popular retro glasses grandma became cool props. Wu Yifan has recently tried to cover the glasses this half face glasses revealed Curve Wrecker temperament, of course fashion is unabated. Other two birthday: two other: New York power power New York birthday coincides with the birthday in New York at the birthday party style should be the most consistent with a her temperament, water blue sweater ride a white blouse, lower body transition to the blue side of the "two slits ultra short skirts. M long legs unreserved show, why people can give birth to the child so thin? How much is it now when mom’s voice. A double foot yellow tip high-heeled shoes, well, you have won. Other three other three: watching the show: watching the show finally we talk about the other body watching the show, this year many actresses choose the way of wearing this season hit, Yang Mi also has a body shape of upper and lower body through the winter, the summer of the vu. The miniskirt off the long legs, a student’s white shirt was mixed with sweater, the visual image as a good student back to 18, but the small Suihua and retro coat put in practice by age road brakes in time. Other four other four: return home after the end of the fashion week: the work of Yang Mi for Beijing airport, other in blue and white stripes shirt dress dignified but not yet fresh, a pair of white shoes and neat hair, gu.相关的主题文章: