New York 9-11 attacks on the anniversary of the attack sites day now doll-puritans pride

New York 9-11 attacks on the anniversary of the attack sites day now the inflatable doll scene original title: inflatable doll appeared in the "zero zone" in the "9· the 15 anniversary of the 11 terrorist attacks on the eve of the three men took the doll to New York attack site" ground zero "playing the self life size, sparked outrage. British "Daily Mail" 10 reported that the three men from London, a bank in New York. When the police came to inquire about their misconduct, one of the men who were about to be the groom replied that they were having a farewell party. Police will drive three people away. Many people condemn their actions. Rosa · Hughes is 61 years old, her husband Thomas were killed in a terrorist attack. Hughes said to the three men, "it’s a place of respect. I lost my husband. I don’t know what to say." Many people said that the zero zone is a place to commemorate a tragedy, not an ordinary tourist attractions, not here to play a smile. Mike, 57, a resident of New York, ·, said: "I can’t understand the behavior of people laughing at themselves in a huge tomb. There are thousands of dead bodies on the ground below," said." Sarah, from ·, Texas, said: "I don’t want to judge, but I don’t think it’s disgusting to laugh and self here." According to Xinhua news agency editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: