New green space built in Suzhou park to create a real Garden City jodie foster

18 days after the new green space was built in Suzhou Park, the thirteenth Congress of the Communist Party of China (Jiangsu) was opened in Nanjing, and the efforts were made to make Jiangsu bluer, clear water and fresher air, and strive to achieve the fundamental improvement of the ecological environment. Suzhou as a garden city, green park is not only the city’s green lung, but also a good place for people to exercise and leisure. In the future, Suzhou city greening, what surprises will bring? The reporter saw in the old zoo animal, after the move, here is very quiet, at the scene, golden yellow leaves are covered with the entire garden, in this view, people can not help but sigh, is really too beautiful, but we also understand that the future of the region. Will be built into a set of entertainment, fitness and leisure in one of the open park, when people can work together to enjoy this rare happy. According to the plan, the amphibious Museum, class turtle pond, will be playing a classical garden and leisure areas; herbivorous animal area will be changed to the original waterfront lawn, and the beast area will become the fitness field, after the transformation, it will become the largest ancient city of Suzhou city leisure park area, open to the public free of charge. This year, Suzhou also completed the Garden Expo, Taihu lake ecological recreation zone, Huqiu wetland park green landscape greening along the Central Expressway, a large number of new green project. The future, Suzhou will complete the historic ring belt, Renmin Road, Shishan Park, canal park and other key projects, strengthen the old city park, the old village green upgrade, for the urban garbage transfer station renovation, the old village renovation project to increase the number of small garden, let the public enjoy more the green life.

苏州建公园新增绿地 打造真正“园林之城”18日,中国共产党江苏省第十三次代表大会在南京开幕,提出努力使江苏天更蓝、水更清、空气更清新,力争实现生态环境的根本性好转。苏州作为一座园林之城,绿地公园不仅是城市的绿肺,也是人们健身休闲的好去处。未来,苏州的城市绿化,还会带来哪些惊喜呢?记者在老动物园看到,动物们搬家了之后,这里是变得非常的平静,在现场呢,金黄色的落叶是铺满了整个园中,在这样的景色中,不禁让人感叹,真的是太美了,而我们也了解到,未来呢,这片区域将建设成一个集娱乐、健身、休闲于一体的开放性公园,届时市民可以共同来享受这份难得的惬意。根据方案,两栖馆、班鳖池,将会被打造成一个古典园林休闲区;原来的草食动物区将改为滨水草坪,而猛兽区将成为运动健身场,改造后,这里将成为苏州古城区面积最大的城市休闲公园,免费向市民开放。今年,苏州还完成了园博园、太湖湖滨生态游憩带、虎丘湿地公园增绿、中环快速路沿线景观绿化等一大批新增绿地项目。未来,苏州还将完成环古城风貌带、人民路、狮山公园、运河公园等重点绿化项目,加强老城区公园绿地、老新村绿化的升级,争取在市区垃圾中转站改造、老新村综合整治等项目中再增加一些小游园等,让广大市民享受到更多的绿色生活。相关的主题文章: