New Drugs For Dealing With Hepatitis C Cirrhosis And Liver

Data presented at a medical meeting beginning today, advised that Vertex Pharmaceuticals has developed an experimental drug, which is used to treat a resistant to treatment form of hepatitis C. The presentation revealed that the drug helped cure over 60 percent of patients suffering with the otherwise difficult to treat form of the disease. Relative Times Health Guide: Hepatitis C The highest cure rate reported so far for the condition was spotlighted when Wall Street and doctors awaited the results, and the treatment worked half the time. But Vertex might have to share a bit of the limelight with Romark Laboratories, a tiny privately held company that already sells a drug called Alinia that is used to treat diarrhea caused by certain parasites but that suddenly is emerging as a potential treatment for hepatitis C. Researchers will report, escaping Wall Street’s attention, that the drug Alina has aided in curing up to 79% of Hepatitis C patients, although their virus strain may have been weaker than that of which the drug Vertex cured. The doctor said that there would be a skeptical reaction to to the unusual source. Emmet B. Keeffe is a consultant for Romark and also the head of hepatology at Stanford college. but Doctor! It is pretty exciting when you overcome your own initial skepticism, said Keeffe.According to the experts, both the deployments would require to be followed up by extensive trials. However progress is vital to patients. It is believed that Hepatitis C affects almost three million Americans and instances of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer triggered by the virus are on the rise. Alpha interferon and ribavirin combined together can cause debilitating side effects such as flulike symptoms, anemia and depression and this is the existing treatment. Type one Hepatitis C, is difficult and timely to treat -treatment often lasts a year- accounts for approximately 70 percent of cases in the United States. So there has been an intense pursue for new drugs, and Vertex, publicly traded and based in Cambridge, Massachusets., is widely acknowledged as the front-runner. A viral enzyme can be interferred with by a pill named telaprevir or VX-950. This is the way the majority of AIDS drugs work, but it is a different method for hepatitis C. New information expected to be presented at the forthcoming meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases which is held in Boston, will demonstrate evidence that telaprevir, which has previously been shown to decrease virus levels in the bloodstream, could cure many patients. In a midstage trial in the United States of 250 previously untreated patients, 61 percent of the people who received telaprevir in addition to the two standard drugs had no detectable virus in their blood 24 weeks after the end of the treatment, a Vertex executive said. Doctors consider that an effective cure. In a European trial of 323 patients, about 65 percent of those who got the three-drug combination had no detectable virus 12 weeks after the end of treatment. There is a greater incidence for these 2 cure rates compared to the forty to fifty percent cure rate which is usually seen for type one hepatitis C when administering the normal drugs by themselves. Doctors also thought it was important that the treatment itself lasted only 24 weeks instead of 48. This means that the side effects of Interferon and Ribavirin would not last as long for patients. "The findings are fascinating indeed," said MD. There is no sentence for me to read or to rewrite. Jacobson of weill cornell Medical college will present the results of the American trial and consultant to Vertex. Wall Street basically expected those numbers. Many more people receiving these three drugs stopped treatment due to side effects greater than those seen in standard therapy. The updates regarding the cure rates for the standard treatment aren’t recorded yet. The Romark data was taken from an Egyptian scientific study conducted using only ninety-six previously untreated patients. Another thing that has aslo been tested as a possible treatment to parasites is ALinia, which is also known as nitazoxanide. In just 12 weeks after finishing their care of Alinia and two other standard drugs, 79 percent no longer had the virus. That in comparison with 43% within a control champion, which receives the usual treatment. Even though the overall treatment was for 48 weeks, the drugs were only given to the patient for 36 weeks. In the United States, hepatitis C is rare, but this is what the patients had. Many experts believe that type four was easier to treat compared to type one. Romark is currently based in Tampa in Florida.A trial is beginning in the United States with about $20 million in annual revenue. We will begin a trial in the United States with an annual revenue of about $20 million. They found out by accident that the drug could be effective fighting hepatitis C. In clinical tests for treatment of parasites, the drug showed signs that it was effective against liver infection. Physician Keeffe, who is researching how the Romark drug works, said that because Alinia is already on the market and appears to have few side effects, some doctors might prescribe it off label to treat hepatitis C. The cost of the two pills needed is about $30 a day. Doctors can prescribe medicines for uses not approved by the FDA, but it is illegal for drug manufacturers to market them for off-label uses before they approved for such uses. "We’re all looking for better therapy for our patients, and this looks like a very benign thing to do," Physician Keeffe said that HCV which is a liver disease called Hepatitis C and can cause cirrosis. Proper medical treatment is very essential for early cure of any of your diseases. But the Doctor who is treating you should be well qualified and intelligent enough to do proper diagnosis and cure. "That would be very immature", the person, Jacobson of Cornell commented.Hepatitis C,Liver Disease, HCV, cirrhosis 相关的主题文章: