New China Network – VIDEO – a serious debris flow in Panzhihua village, Datian Town,

Wu La Yao Cun Sichuan Da Tian Zhen Wu La Yao Cun Panzhihua Beijing – VIDEO – suffered a serious debris flow in Sichuan Panzhihua big town suffered a serious debris flow [comment] from September 17th to 19, Sichuan city of Panzhihua province appeared heavy rain, local heavy rain, resulting in the city counties (districts) large area landslides, landslides, landslides, flash floods and other natural disasters, some local highway tunnel collapse, blocking the road, the houses destroyed, causing casualties and lost. 20 morning, reporters came to the worst hit town, see from the reporters at the scene, two mountain middle field near the town collapsed to form a debris flow, washed out a number of houses, resulting in road damage, serious losses. The same period [] director of the armed forces third hydropower detachment of nine political Wan Falong town is the most dangerous place, after US troops arrived a total of more than 150 soldiers have 55 sets of equipment, we focus on the block (Jing Silver Factory ditch) the road opened up, it is expected tonight can form a staff the sidewalk. The ditch at present we see the silver factory town of Jing Gou, after the disaster, on both sides of the ditch rocks landslides, caused great difficulties to the people inside the import channel. [comment] Wu La Yao Cun Daqing group leader Yin Jiayou said in an interview, this is the local 100 years there has never been a heavy rain, the main economic crops planting also severely damaged the villagers. The same period [] (Wu La Yao Cun Daqing group leader Yin Jiayou) I have been evacuated to evacuate then today I went down to the government report, I climbed more than two hours (Hill) to get out, walk down the mountain no way, the whole miserable, I asked the old people say 100 years when have not been so much rain, now the people inside basically evacuated out. What are the trees on the mountain? All over the mountains are Sara trees. Do you have any cash crops, mangoes or something? Mainly pomegranate trees, chestnuts and walnuts. Reporter Wei Yao reports from Sichuan, Panzhihua

中新网-视频-四川攀枝花大田镇乌喇么村遭遇严重泥石流  四川攀枝花大田镇乌喇么村遭遇严重泥石流   【解说】9月17日至19日,四川省攀枝花市出现了强降雨、局部特大暴雨过程,导致全市多个县(区)出现大面积山体滑坡、塌方、泥石流、山洪等自然灾害,个别地方高速公路道路阻断、隧道塌方、民房冲毁,造成人员伤亡和失联。   20日上午,记者来到了此次受灾最严重的大田镇,从现场记者看到,大田镇附近的两座山向中间垮塌形成泥石流,冲垮了多间民房,造成道路损毁,损失严重。   【同期】武警水电部队第三总队九支队政治处主任万发龙   大田镇是这次险情最重的地方,我们部队到达之后一共是150余名官兵有55台装备,我们重点把这一块(银厂菁沟)道路打通,预计的话今晚可以形成一个人员进出的便道。目前我们看到的这条沟是大田镇的银厂菁沟,灾害发生之后,沟两边的山石形成了塌方,对沟里面百姓的进出造成了很大的困难。   【解说】乌喇么村大箐组组长殷加友在接受采访时表示,这是当地100年来从未有过的大雨,村民种植的主要经济作物也损毁严重。   【同期】(乌喇么村大箐组组长殷加友)   我一直疏散把人疏散然后我今天就下山向政府报告,我爬了两个多小时(山)才爬出来,顺着山走没办法,整惨了这次,我问了下老年人都说100年当中都没有下过这么大的雨,现在里面的人基本上疏散出来了。(山上有些什么树?)山上都是沙罗树。(有没有经济作物芒果什么的?)主要是石榴树还有板栗、核桃。   记者 魏尧 四川攀枝花报道相关的主题文章: