Nearly ten thousand buses in Guangzhou opened a free bus WiFi-winsockfix

Guangzhou nearly ten thousand buses to open free bus WiFi – new network Guangzhou November 15 (by Cai Minjie) Guangzhou nearly 15 buses from the official opening of the free bus WiFi, covering the city’s 70% bus. Bus WiFi operator 16WiFi Raymond Lam CEO expects more than 5 million passengers a day will benefit. According to the characteristics of public transport WiFi products in public and limited resources based on, in order to ensure 50 people online at the same time needs 16WiFi to each access equipment allocated 3 to 4 megabytes of bandwidth, the actual download rate for the highest 400k s. Raymond Lam said: "can fully meet the demand to see the video, let everyone do" nouveau riche in the bus ". "Passengers only need to open the" 16WiFi "APP, the system will automatically complete the certification and networking." Raymond Lam said that the car’s intelligent hardware equipment investment amounted to 20 million yuan per month, and then to the telecom operators to purchase 4G traffic, into WiFi for free use of passengers". According to the 16WiFi in the early opening of Beijing and other cities operating statistics, the average user every day rub the flow of about 100 megabytes, equivalent to save $10 per person per day traffic charges. For bus WiFi security issues, Raymond Lam responded that, 16WiFi is the source of the 4G wireless network, mobile Unicom Telecom, the mainland’s three largest telecom operators, 4G network itself is using real-time encryption technology; the user in the bus is to go through the 16WiFi Internet, 4G encryption network. At the same time, 16 of the hardware used by the WiFi are all telecom grade network equipment, in the security aspects of a comprehensive design of the device for multiple encryption. It is reported that, 16WiFi involved in the bus from 2013 after the WiFi, have signed nearly 70 cities in the mainland nearly 200 thousand buses, the target market share has exceeded 50%. (end)相关的主题文章: