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NBA live video broadcast address: Lakers vs rockets – Sohu [] vs rocket team sports against the Lakers game [type] 2016-2017NBA NBA regular season [24] [live broadcast address] game time Wednesday morning October 27, 2016 10:30 am [NBA] – related channels live online video playback NBA – NBA video highlights Beijing time on October 26th, the regular season has begun, tomorrow against the Rockets in the home court. Before the game two wins and losses of the Lakers and five wins and two losses in the new season, the Rockets in the first round of the game to give fans what kind of game? Just look at the preseason data seem not so we can stunt, in a statement, this is the first time in twenty years, the true sense of the Lakers without Kobe and grow as the backbone of the Houston Rockets and gun wars? Walton wanted to put a warrior that set in the body of practice, happy, basketball ball strategy is suitable for the time has yet to be confirmed, but apparently in the preseason to taste the sweetness of the rocket is not the ultimate attack the patience of a team, especially their new manager also coached the Grand Army the Lakers and Anthony, but the old part, but in Germany rocket sees once the shadow of the sun, perhaps not Nash harden than linkage, but little beard or feel happy, after all, than the "cornerstone of Gordon helpless Something is better than nothing. too strong.". The Lakers are actually home court in a new team, twenty years their squad first did not appear in the name of Kobe, but the legendary Aura will haunt them for a long time, they have to rely on time and strength to create his own kingdom, because as the king’s inheritance always had to be compare. Of course, the new season has seemed to appreciate the essence of the rocket run is also carrying on their reform, when DAntoni said to harden when the main control system with single core, and finally there is a kind of mold shape around the harden in the seven preseason rocket attack ability was seen, but in the end of the regular season and pre-season training intensity is different, the Lakers rockets, two teams always can play renlaifeng performance, the Rockets still in finishing the running in period, deal with the Lakers is not relaxed, after all, the Lakers and the conventional home court sits, morale also as can be imagined. The book on the strength of the lineup the Lakers is far worse than the Rockets, who can play what kind of results is also attracted attention in the two super strong alliance pattern, but experts and the media attention is placed on the title race more, for Russell, Clarkson, Mozgov and other young players have but there is also pressure space, maybe they are still learning, maybe a stepping stone, they are not willing to do the Rockets regardless, this is the most direct competition between a young heart, let me see tomorrow triggered at any moment staples staged. ———————————————————————4相关的主题文章: