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Natural and unrestrained walk Macao, tide play Galaxy integrated resort city! Sohu tourism has not remember how many times to Macao, and every time to Macao is so much to look forward to. As a result of the Hong Kong and Macao pass every time you have to wait three months to go to Macao again, so every time to go to Macao to arrange a full trip! As for Macao, every time I go to, everybody behoove to "bet" contact together, there is always someone to make fun of me "speech and to ask He Sheng to borrow money?" A simple analogy that most people’s aspirations, Macao is a casino, He Sheng is a, I went to Macao, a lot of people I thought I would bet on a few times, play a few hands, and every time I have a smile replied "I am going to vacation entertainment!". Macao is a small town, perhaps is a tiny area, but here, always every time to get bored, there are polite people, there is a courtesy car driver, there are many world intangible cultural heritage, but also has a large number of delicacy here. In contrast to the Guangzhou floating population of the city, Macao is quiet, every corner, every street go up do not have the charm, because there are no people there are streams of people busily coming and going, the slow rhythm of life, the people here live in abundance, here seems to advocate is that out of the ordinary quiet. The closing near commercial street, there are a variety of products to sell, there are different people, every day has a different story here, every day there is not a repeat of yesterday! When crossing the road, the car is to give way to pedestrians, because in the laws of Macao, if the zebra car does not allow pedestrians forced through, is to point penalty, so here is quite safe to cross the road, because the people here are very law-abiding! At the corner of the motorcycle before it has been called the little sheep and because it makes it more convenient for little and dainty, the shuttle in Macao events, where traffic tools are small, motorcycles, cars, trucks are even smaller, because the city is very small, so the corresponding, we are more willing to use a small vehicle, of course there are bus however, compared to Guangzhou, the number is not too much! Walking street is a kind of life, and in the city to enjoy the Milky Way integrated resort holiday joy, it is another kind of life. With the lives of the rich, more and more difficult for us to contact the usual holiday is a friendly image appears in front of us. Resort Hotel, is also in the price of the people in front of everyone. In different seasons, different hotels in Macao will appear different preferential vacation packages to provide consumers with excellent price and inexpensive choice, former luxury resort, has gradually started to walk into public life. In the world’s largest air surfing pool surfing, wandering in the world’s longest air stream in Macao, the highest in the restaurant, in the lobby of the Milky Way look bright diamond rose slowly in the water, everything is so exciting, everything is so exciting! The chic walk Macao, in the galaxy integrated resort city tide played two days, experience相关的主题文章: