National hi tech Zone Science and Technology Finance Forum held in

The National High Technology Finance Forum held in Shenzhen – Shenzhen channel: original title: National hi tech Zone Technology in deep financial forum held in October 13th, the National High-tech Zone Technology Finance Forum held in shenzhen. As one of the main activities of the 2016 national double week forum, experts and scholars gathered hundreds of domestic financial institutions and the industry, focused on how to use science and technology financial innovation to expand the National High-tech Zone Technology Innovation and financial supply and other topics, and carried out in-depth exploration of the cross flow. Shenzhen Municipal Committee, executive vice mayor Zhang Hu attended the forum. According to the introduction, as the first national innovative city and national innovation demonstration zone, Shenzhen in the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, Shenzhen attaches great importance to the integration of technology and financial depth, vigorously develop science and technology insurance and credit, to establish science and technology comprehensive financial service system and multi-level capital market system, construction a good pattern of innovation, entrepreneurship, venture capital, creating the "four hit" linkage, promote rapid and healthy development of science and technology finance. As of July 2016, Shenzhen City, the registration of private equity fund management company reached 3726, management scale 965 billion 700 million yuan, private equity fund registration institutions in Shenzhen, the number of management scale and the number of employees accounted for more than 8, accounting for 15. Shenzhen commercial registration VC (venture capital), PE (private) institutions a total of 4.6, registered capital of 2 trillion and 800 billion yuan, the emergence of a deep venture capital, venture capital and a number of influential venture capital. At the meeting, the torch center, Ministry of science and technology of Shenzhen stock exchange and Shenzhen, Chengdu and other 10 high-tech zones signed "growth roadmap 2" strategic cooperation agreement plan in small and medium sized enterprises, construction financing platform, promote the integration of the high technology and the depth of capital, the development of better service in small and medium sized enterprises. (reporter Wen Kun) (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Wang Xing)相关的主题文章: