NASA confirmed that Juno successfully flew near wood (video)-rainism

NASA confirmed that Juno successfully flew near the wood Juno August 27th shooting images of Jupiter (not pictured near wood point) when the distance from the surface, the clouds of Jupiter is 703 thousand kilometers, the upper Arctic Jupiter pictures. Jupiter Juno mission 360° panoramic video space news Tencent (Guilin) Beijing time on August 27th night at 9:44, NASA’s Juno spacecraft successfully flew close to Jupiter at the top of the clouds from Jupiter, Genting lately (near wood) is only 4200 kilometers, it is 36 times around Jupiter Juno mission which is the beginning of the first lap, relative when Jupiter speeds up to 208 thousand km (57.8 kilometers per second). This is the initial task over the Juno most close to Jupiter once. From the jet propulsion laboratory, Juno project manager Rick · Nibacken (Rick Nybakken) said: "earlier over the telemetry shows that everything is in accordance with the plan, the" firepower "juno". In February 2018 the main task before the end of 35, Juno and close flyby of Jupiter, Juno is August 27th for the first time in the whole set of scientific equipment starting situation close over the surface of Jupiter, and the sun over the course of the giants in the photograph. From the Southwest Research Institute, Juno project chief researcher Scott · Bolton (Scott Bolton) said: "in the period now speak, we have obtained a number of Juno back to earlier interesting data. It took a few days for Juno to collect all of the scientific data collected and sent back to earth, and we have begun to study the information that Juno and Jupiter are trying to tell us." This over the course of the image Juno visible light imager — Juno camera will be announced in the next few weeks, including the history of the highest resolution clouds of Jupiter pictures, as well as the human for the first time Jupiter’s polar image. "We are working on a track that has never been visited by other detectors, and these photos will give us a new perspective to understand the world of the gas giant planet." Bolton said.相关的主题文章: