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Nanyang two women to the supermarket when their own wardrobe while visiting side steal clothes newspaper news (reporter Xu Lei correspondent Jia Yaohe) on November 6th, in a supermarket industry Road Town, two women window shops while trying on clothes, but also easily to carry back the bag stuffed with clothes. This was the clerk found after the supermarket security came, the two women were stolen goods and was. In the afternoon, in the urban industrial road, a supermarket, Wolong District, Lee and Wang each carrying a large bag in the supermarket clothing area. Because many people see the supermarket clerk, guard, Lee and Wang by chance to pick clothes bag to shoes, underwear and other goods. After they left the store, the clerk found that the store has a lack of goods, so quickly ran to the monitoring room to see the surveillance video, found that it was just entering the store that two customers stole the store. Figure two women has not left the supermarket, in the supermarket to find security immediately. Sure enough, after the two women did not leave the successful, they were arrested when the rest of the service area security. After a search, two women from the bag and found the stolen goods. By the Municipal Public Security Bureau police station investigation Mei Xi, the two women had no criminal record, they are to see the supermarket many people off guard, covet cheap psychology of their hand for theft. Currently two women have been detained by the police. The 2 (Nanyang Evening News)相关的主题文章: