Nanjing 8 years old half a month two times and was bitten by the dog lost – Beijing

Nanjing 8 years old half a month two times and was bitten by the dog lost Beijing – not long ago, Nanjing Maigaoqiao police station police Mao Xin two rescue with a missing woman, but the old lady in half a month two was bitten by a dog, is lost in the back of vaccination. Yangzi Evening news media reporter Ren Guoyong correspondent Qi Wenxuan Qiao the same police rescue two and a half months in the same person in late September, Maigaoqiao police station police received Mao Xin and Yan Road, the residents of a district police said, a strange old lady around in the District, asked her where she could not answer. Police arrived at the scene and found himself with the old lady was an acquaintance". The original, half a month ago, the police station received the alarm the driver said, the old woman took the bus to the bus station at the end of the longevity, has been reluctant to get off, ask her she did not know where to live. The police arrived at the scene learned that the old woman was 80 years old, Liuhe people, was bitten by a dog, so her daughter here vaccinated with rabies vaccine. I did not expect to be vaccinated, because they do not know how to do not know the way back. Police saw the old man hanging around the old card, quickly check her information, but can not find her daughter’s contact. The old man recalled for a long time, reluctantly reported several telephone numbers. One by one, the police eventually contacted her daughter, but her daughter refused to pick up, the police had to drive her home. Mao police officers did not expect half a month later, once again see the old man. After questioning, the old lady was bitten by a dog, but also out of the vaccine when lost, and casually walked into a small area, in which the wandering. Police quickly out of the hair before the police records, and call her daughter’s phone, but the other has been shut down. Later, the police officers sent directly to the old lady. 3 months of thinking about the reasons for the loss of the elderly are very similar to the police station in Maigaoqiao, police station, the last three months on the rescue of the elderly who had lost the ten. A lot of old people’s children work in the field, or some old people and children do not live together, the elderly do not want to be alone at home, like to go out for a walk, some elderly people suffering from mild Alzheimer’s disease, easy to get lost." Police asked the children of the elderly, but they are usually on the grounds that busy at work, but also shuttle children, parents can not follow every moment. The evening of October 7th, Xianlin police station the police saw an old lady in a trance patrol, ask that she can not find the way home, through the multi query will eventually be sent home for the elderly. Police said, similar to the police in other police station is also very common. Lost the elderly will carry a citizen card or medical insurance card, but these documents alone can not find contact information." Police believe that it is best to hang on the hands of the elderly or chest to write the family contact card, in addition to suffering from dementia in the elderly, as far as possible to stay home accompanied.相关的主题文章: