Nanchong, a company to prohibit employees to buy apple manager to arouse staff patriotism (video)

A Nanchong company staff is forbidden to buy "apple" manager: to arouse the staff of patriotism (micro-blog) Nanchong News Network (reporter Intern Xu Siqian Luo Honglijing) recently, a netizen in Nanchong news network "three source forum" said rebellion, a company in Nanchong issued a document to prohibit employees to buy new Apple Mobile phone, and said "the company found violations will be dealt with severely." The Nanchong news network reporter contacted the company to verify the company responsible person said is true. Prohibit the rebellion employee buy Apple mobile phone users "serious offenders twist" comes from a paper notice of the company. Notice wrote: where my employees are strictly prohibited to buy and use iPhone7 and iPhone7Plus, once found violations, the company will be dealt with severely. In addition, the company also mentioned in the notice, "for those who don’t will only drain our hard-earned money in luxury life, although we don’t like our ancestors in the battlefield as throwing my blood, but we can start from around things, the revitalization of the industry of our country, to make their own contribution." This photo was issued, quickly attracted the majority of users of hot debate, and have reproduced and discussed, micro-blog, circle of friends, there are a lot of reprint. Some users said they can understand the boss of the company’s patriotism, but also gave approval. At the same time, there are also some users said the move was too simple and rude, and alleged violation of the labor law. The company confirmed that the matter is designed to train staff patriotic Nanchong news network reporter contacted the company responsible person to verify. Wang, head of the company, said the online pass of this notice is true, the company did in September 19th issued such a notice. Wang said, because many see extreme events for the purchase of high-grade mobile phone appears, the company hope their employees do not go astray, but also hope to arouse employee’s patriotism in the "918" in this special day, therefore issued a notice. Wang said that in view of whether the violation of the labor law, the company’s internal discussions. But this is more of a hope for the staff to play a guiding role in the value, I hope they do not blindly pursue material, but concerned about their families, concerned about the country. A mobile phone will be able to sell seven thousand or eight thousand, we buy a few little apple mobile phone, purchase a few pieces of furniture home can, why can’t we use domestic products instead? I am a northerner, patriotism is very strong, want employees to support domestic products, offering their own strength for our country’s industrial revitalization." Wang said. Lawyers say: patriotism can be understood, but the notice or alleged violation of the company’s violation of the provisions of the legitimate rights and interests of employees, the reporter consulted the legal profession in Nanchong. According to lawyer Liu Yidong introduced in the People’s Republic of China labor contract law thirty-ninth, the employer to terminate the labor contract made a detailed provisions of the situation. If the company prohibits the use of mobile phone brands, it requires immediate resignation, which violated the labor contract law, but in fact, the company did not strictly to the point of termination of the contract. "Each of us has an attitude of understanding patriotism, and we can advocate 4相关的主题文章: