Nail founder more than 240 organizations have chosen to

Nail founder: more than 240 enterprise organizations choose nail Beijing News News (reporter Chen Yanxu) in September 19th, the Alibaba launched a nail nail nail version 3, founder Chen airlines announced that as of August 31, 2016, has more than 240 enterprises organization selection nail. Nail 3 is the biggest highlight of the first launch of smart office phones and external contacts. On the same day, nail updated analysis of enterprise organization customer dimension, ranking Guangdong, Zhejiang Province, still occupy the top two, Jiangsu and Beijing ranked three or four, visible economic development in eastern coastal areas remains strong; city dimensions of the top two is still in Beijing and Shanghai, but Hangzhou has surpassed Guangzhou and Shenzhen came to third Chengdu, two ranking ranked sixth, Xi’an over Ji’nan for the first time into the top ten, according to the western city of potential is gradually discovered; and in the industry ranking, essentially unchanged, but with a large number of enterprises on the nail recognized and used, construction and real estate and service industries in the top five. In August 31, 2015, Ali officially launched a nail nail nail open platform, open platform currently has more than 30000 developers stationed, nail standard audit based on the user experience, Ali nail and open platform for developers has 80 industries, more than 20 enterprises to provide third party service customization.相关的主题文章: