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Na Ying Lang Lang is the relationship between understanding   McCain empress dowager and small Lang Son — entertainment channel — Na Ying and Lang Lang China network entertainment news September 6th the second class Zhou Naying started the five strong battle ", Na Ying invited Lang Lang to help out, into the classical elements of pop music. Lang Lang exposes be fellow Na Ying entertain the northeast, two people not only tacit cooperation, relationship is very close, Na Ying was ridicule as empress dowager, and Lang Lang is the first time to hold, second "small Lang son". The Na Ying group is the four tutors in civil war in the final game as the finale, she released a large move, invited world-class pianist Lang Lang when help tutor. Asked why Lang Lang, Na Ying told the voice, I found that Wang Feng, and they are always talking about classical music, I have never studied classical music in. But I’m a man!" Different from the bold adaptation of the Harlem Yu group, Na Ying stressed that his style adjustment will not be too risky, their standard is to look like to be moved." She also said: "there is no real boundaries of art, there is no classic can not play the popular saying. His classical music combines many popular music in the world." Please come after Na Ying will be the perfect realization of Lang Lang, combination of pop and classical music, to bring the audience a new experience. The biggest sigh Lang in cooperation with Na Ying is "the sister heart is too thin," he praised Na Ying is indeed the "gold master", "I have never seen such fine people do homework." Lang Lang said Na Ying had a thick material, and for their comments, life is to take care of nuanced, gave the best to eat dishes, "she actually found dishes in Jiaxing, is a special kind of pure." Na Ying likes not say, also from all actions on the support of Lang Lang, Na Ying wearing high heels action inconvenience, each stage, Lang gentleman helped her are sent in the past, Li Yong ridicule Na Ying, "like every queen feeling down." Harlem Yu homeopathic said, he is a small Lang son." (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: