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Mutual trust and mutual benefit and win-win cooperation to create a new future Chinese ASEAN Relations – Sohu news Premier Li Keqiang 7 with 10 ASEAN leaders in Vientiane attended China – ASEAN dialogue relations 25 anniversary ceremony. Watch the documentary film, released after the fact and Data Handbook of dialogue and cooperation with ASEAN, Li Keqiang chairman of the Prime Minister of Laos thongloun, China ASEAN Relations coordinating country Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong cut the cake in the leaders to witness together. (people’s daily, September 7th) China linked mountains and rivers and the ASEAN countries, the traditional friendship. On 1991, the ASEAN foreign ministers meeting in Kuala Lumpur. In 25 years, China ASEAN relations always hold high the banner of win-win cooperation, adhere to mutual respect, equality, mutual political trust has deepened, the rapid development of economic and trade exchanges, cultural exchanges and cooperation to promote all-round relationship, from growth stage to mature stage, to achieve great development, effectively promoted the development of regional peace and stability and prosperity. In retrospect, China ASEAN relationship has achieved 5 "new situation first", China first joined the "Treaty of Amity and cooperation in Southeast Asia", the first explicitly support ASEAN’s centrality in regional cooperation, the first to establish strategic partnership with ASEAN, the first public that is willing to work with ASEAN signed the "treaty protocol Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone, the first to start FTA negotiations with asean. At present, China – ASEAN relations have formed a multi-faceted three-dimensional pattern. In terms of economic and trade relations, the free trade between China and ASEAN has been advancing in the past 25 years. By 2016, China has become the largest trading partner of ASEAN for 7 consecutive years, ASEAN has become China’s third largest trading partner for the past 5 years. It is particularly worth mentioning is that in 25 years, Chinese ASEAN relations always conform to the area of peace, development and cooperation is the trend of the times, have withstood the test of time, in the face of major natural disasters in the Asian financial crisis, India Ocean tsunami, SARS, earthquake and epidemic situation, China and ASEAN countries, they pull together in times of trouble. Mutual trust, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, this is considered to be the cornerstone of Chinese ASEAN relations is more stable and reliable. Look at the moment, Chinese proposed to build a "The Belt and Road" initiative to get a positive response from many ASEAN countries, including in areas such as high-speed rail, a number of interconnection cooperation projects have been started. China’s cooperation with Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries to promote cooperation in production capacity, financial cooperation. In the future, and will be Chinese ASEAN interconnection and cooperation capacity as the breakthrough point to promote the "The Belt and Road construction, with sub investment, silk road fund to expand financial cooperation, create more demonstration effect, while strengthening the Lancang Mekong River Sub regional cooperation, promote common development, boost the development of the ASEAN community in many major projects timely and China" The Belt and Road "initiative of convergence, the breadth and depth of cooperation continue to expand, toward a higher step forward. 25 years, China ASEAN has become the most powerful stand together through storm and stress, and the most active group of ASEAN dialogue partner relationship. 2016, coincides with the ASEAN community vision 2025 into the opening year of action相关的主题文章: