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The mother-in-law to divorce derailed 840 thousand son-in-law son-in-law to split the Sohu in the news recently, Siming District Court for a divorce because of the division of property and go to court. Originally, when two people get married, her parents donated money to my daughter, to hit 840 thousand yuan in the account, did not expect the two soon after the tear forced divorce, father-in-law because of too much trust in the son, let her in the divorce have taken ten thousand damage… The old man to 840 thousand day son Liu is a university teacher, his wife Phillips (a pseudonym) also worked in a university. This seems to be a happy family for outsiders, married two years after the divorce, her husband Liu to court divorce, their children just turned one year old. According to Phillips said, married couples at the beginning of two loving a plus, Phillips parents total transfer 840 thousand yuan to her husband. The money, after marriage parents love her, used to give her to buy a car and parking spaces, but Liu turned the money to his account. The car parking spaces and is bought, but the first parking is Liu registered in their own name, second parking spaces to register the name michael. Small Liu Zeqi complained that the couple had broken feelings, had to divorce. After the birth of a child, the two sides also for child rearing dispute, because the husband stealing children, Phillips in desperation bite a husband. Hurt each other: get out! Is my 840 thousand! Face prosecution, Phillips also agreed to divorce. But, Michael most attention, or the husband away from their parents in the hands of 840 thousand yuan deposit. The investigation, February 2012, Michael’s father sent 340 thousand yuan Liu to account for the purchase of a kilogram of paper gold as dowry phelps. Soon after, Michael father transfer 200 thousand yuan to son-in-law account name. A few days later, his son-in-law bought a parking is located in Siming District, registered in their own name. After that, he bought another parking space. In March 12, 2012, Michael’s mother also transfer 300 thousand yuan to son-in-law account, March 14th, son-in-law bought a $about 200000 car. During the trial, the couple two people are confirmed that the current market value of the aforementioned parking spaces for 280 thousand yuan, the market value of the car is $160 thousand. He thinks, buy paper gold and car garage, money, is her parents’ money, the property should belong to all her. But Liu believes that the car and the car is the father-in-law of the couple for their gifts, should be allocated as a common property. Original title: Xiamen, a mother in law to son-in-law 840 thousand! Son in law but derailed divorce相关的主题文章: