Morning peak bus failure caused great congestion, Xi’an traffic police interviewed someone-k9084

Early peak bus failures caused by the congestion of Xi’an traffic police interviewed enterprises involved Xi’an police joint safety supervision departments to carry out early peak traffic congestion notification education". Western network (trainee reporter Liu Wang) today (September 20th) morning, Xi’an high tech Traffic Police Brigade joint area safety supervision department, called the area of the bus line company and the team responsible for the people, carry out the "high tech Zone September 18th morning peak congestion notification education", and talked about related enterprises 18, traffic jams caused by the person in charge. As early as September 18th, the Mid Autumn Festival the first morning peak, a bus fault in the vicinity of Tang Lu Yan Technology and cross, resulting in near the road appeared in nearly 2 hours of traffic congestion, caused a serious impact on many people travel today, high police were informed of the situation of education, and interviewed the relevant companies by day the person in charge of traffic congestion. This year, the South Second Ring Road, West Second Ring Road, North Second Ring Road, high tech Zone key sections in the morning and evening peak hours, many large vehicles cannot drag the malfunction, causing traffic jams, caused a serious impact on city traffic, the city road traffic capacity "snow plus frost". The traffic police department said, the general public and the transportation enterprise is not only the traffic participants, but also maintain traffic order, we need to work together to slow blocking Paul chang. "I hope Xi’an units can really shoulder their responsibilities, pay attention to vehicle maintenance, enhance the level of staff, formulate emergency rescue measures quickly, reduce the waiting for the rescue time, eliminate unnecessary traffic congestion."

早高峰公交车故障致大拥堵 西安交警约谈涉事企业 西安交警联合安监部门开展“早高峰交通拥堵情况通报教育会”。   西部网讯 (见习记者 刘望)今天(9月20日)上午,西安交警高新大队联合辖区安监部门,召集辖区各公交线路公司及车队负责人,开展“高新区9月18日早高峰交通拥堵情况通报教育会”,并约谈了18日造成交通拥堵的相关企业负责人。   9月18日早,中秋节后首个早高峰,一辆公交车在唐延路与科技路十字附近发生故障,致使附近路段出现了近2小时的交通拥堵,给很多出行市民造成了严重影响,今天高新交警对该情况进行了通报教育,并约谈了当天造成交通拥堵的相关企业负责人。   今年以来,南二环、西二环、北二环以及高新区重点路段在早晚高峰时段内,多次发生大型车辆发生故障,无法拖移造成了交通拥堵,给城市交通造成了严重影响,致使城市道路通行能力“雪上加霜”。   交警部门表示,广大市民和交通企业既是交通的参与者,也是交通秩序的维护者,需要大家共同努力来缓堵保畅。“希望西安各单位能够真正负起自身的责任,注重车辆日常保养,提升员工业务水平,制定快速的应急救援措施,减少等待救援的时间,消除不必要的交通拥堵。”相关的主题文章: