More than and 700 square meters of illegal housing area to take up the rental room (Figure) –onavo protect

Area of more than and 700 square meters of illegal rental housing twenty or thirty on the roof (Figure) – Beijing is located in Jinniu District Huang Zhonglu is located in the vicinity of the illegally built west of Jinsha Museum Jinsha Yi Yuan Xiao Qu, only two residential building six storey. Since its completion in 2003 after the completion of two houses have quietly grown to seventh layers, "more than more than and 600 square meters, and built twenty or thirty houses for rent, there is a big security risk. Yesterday, the City Planning Bureau organized dozens of law enforcement officers, in the years of entrenched illegal construction were dismantled. This is also in recent years in the city center, the largest residential demolition of illegally built into the top floor. It is worth mentioning that the 10 years of illegally built are demolished, many owners of illegally built subversion of the imagination. 14 households in the roof of a more than and 600 square meters of illegal rental housing yesterday morning, the Chengdu Daily reporter with the law enforcement officers came to the scene to see, only two district residential buildings, the floor is not high, standing in the courtyard looking out on the roof to see a layer of blue roofs. Law enforcement officials pointed out that the blue room is built, is on the top floor tenants in their own roof to build up and down into a month after month and year after year, unexpectedly, covering the entire roof, "hard growth height", in the area around the formation of extremely bad influence. What are these houses for? "According to our preliminary investigation, mainly for rent." Law enforcement officers said that the top two houses a total of 14 households, each household are the same as in their own roof enclosure, illegal construction, and is divided into a plurality of room for rent, only a small part for home. If a household by two or three, at least twenty or thirty rental housing. Law enforcement officers found the surveying and mapping, because too dense, board room on the roof "squeeze" into a group, a total of more than and 700 square meters of the roof, the building of more than and 600 square meters, with people walking very few channels." There are hidden dangers of fire safety in a narrow channel, many places less than one meter Chengdu Daily reporter to enter the scene with the law enforcement officers to see these houses toward a look out of order, the thread with the wall part of the wall has cracks, damp. The board used to access is also very narrow, many places even meters are not, it is difficult to the wrong body. In one family of illegally built, law enforcement officers also found each other to add a row of windows, the new rubber or play up. The window, is a bright and spacious bedroom, there is a bathtub. What’s more, illegally built yard also has a rockery, a simple stairway beside the rockery, then a layer above actually built the pavilion. In the next several illegally built, rental households are clearing away their belongings, they are from the same landlord rent. The whole room was divided into three rooms, each with an area of only seven or eight square meters, have simple furniture home appliance inside. A master rented here for two years, the monthly rent of 300 yuan, "the biggest problem is the narrow channel, the people is very crowded." Once the roof appears dangerous, tenants escape difficulties." Many law enforcement officers believe that, in addition to the presence of fire相关的主题文章: