More and more shut down inefficient coal mines advanced production capacity or early release

Many have shut down inefficient coal   advanced capacity or early release of energy — original title: many have closed inefficient coal mine advanced capacity or early release with the capacity to battle broke out, a number of inefficient coal mine or a series of closed. The evening of September 5th, Datong Coal Industry announced that, in accordance with national, Shanxi province to resolve the excess capacity requirements of the overall deployment, 2016 coal mine closed exit 3, to resolve the production capacity of 3 million 750 thousand tons. The 3 exit respectively for the Datong Coal Mine Limited by Share Ltd Tongjialiang coal mine, Datong coal mine group with Hondar coal limited company, Datong coal mine group with Bei Xing Zhuang Coal Limited, production time is August 31st, closed well in time for the December 20th. Zhengbao reporter visited Tongjialiang coal mine survey, informed the area for at least 80 years of mining history, left outside mining area in different periods of the traces of mining. At the time of the mine workers told reporters, compared with coal Tashan’s modern mine, the coal mine not only less and the cost is high, the miner’s income is generally low. In 2013, Datong coal industry has announced that the company to maintain good operating performance and financing ability, the overall transfer of assets in Tongjialiang coal mine of Datong Coal and Datong Coal Mine four old ditch to the controlling shareholder of Datong Coal Mine Group (including debt). Shanxi, a large coal group responsible person told reporters that the coal mines were asked to close, the degree of difficulty is obvious. Yet the "ruling" enterprises, partly because assume greater social responsibility, on the other hand is waiting for the relevant awards complement measures to implement. Shanxi province is one of the most complex coal enterprises in China, and the biggest pressure to the production capacity. At the end of August, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Finance announced formally to the Datong Coal Mine Group and other six provincial coal enterprises by 2016 adjust industrial structure of special awards and subsidies totaling 940 million yuan. Among them, the Datong Coal Mine Group won prize money up to more than 310 million yuan. At the same time, Shanxi coal prices debt restructuring is also continuing to promote. Led by the Shanxi Banking Bureau, Shanxi Province seven coal enterprises loan restructuring will be completed in September, and is expected to gradually extend to the private coal enterprises. In order to promote the coal enterprises financing, Shanxi also to the Datong Coal Mine Group as a pilot, to explore and promote the mining rights income asset securitization. At present, with the coal group has to pay the price of resources, and obtained the right of mining resources is 146 tons, with 5 years of coal mining right by conservative valuation, premium assessment, assets premium 90 billion yuan, securitization can obtain long-term financing of 50 billion yuan, asset liability ratio can be reduced by 15 percentage points to 70%. In addition to the Datong Coal Mine Group under the 3 coal mines in Shanxi Province, another 12 mines will be discontinued during the year, the total production capacity of 10 million 600 thousand tons per year to exit. According to the Shanxi province had signed letters of responsibility, in 2016 the province’s coal industry overcapacity resolve target task is close to exit and restructuring to reduce reduction of 21 coal mines, from the capacity of 20 million tons, 27122 people staffing. Up to now, there are 23 coal producing provinces have been released to the production capacity of the target data, the 16 provinces have been clear in 20)相关的主题文章: