Money on the road ordinary people can improve the passive income from

Money on the road: ordinary people can improve the passive income from what? Active income is the income that you have to work hard to earn, and once you stop, the income will stop. For example, your job and salary, work today, today there are wages collar, and tomorrow at home, there will be no salary. This is the active income. Passive income is that you do not have to pay too much time and energy, you can get a steady stream of income. And when your passive income is more than the cost of your living, you can achieve financial freedom. So for ordinary people, the passive income from what aspects? A bank, bank interest rate bonds can be said to be a passive income is the most stable, although it is not ranked in the forefront of the financial benefits, but the stability and the safety of it must be the most front. As we all know, interest = principal * annual interest rate. When your principal is enough, it is a very real thing to eat on interest. Banks are 2.75% on a regular basis, and when you have a total of $one million a year, you can get an interest rate of about 27500. Of course, when I was one million, I will not go to all the deposit if I choose is also very stable bonds, five year interest rate is 4.17%, that is to say if there are one million to buy treasury bonds, can obtain the annual interest is 41700, equivalent to 3475 yuan in revenue every month! With clear water as the representative of the @ dew, especially in government bonds, earnings management in August people’s water dew: 14923.97 yuan a month yields twelve thousand. If I had so much, I’d quit right now… Two, P2P private lending from the stability of the P2P, in fact, the risk is very high, it ranked less than second, but because of its interest algorithm and bank deposits are relatively close, so I put it in the second. In order to save assistant as an example, the expected annual yield is 8.8%. Still one million, for example, the annual income of up to 88000, the number to maintain a family of three in the city of two or three lines and the following life should be enough, right? But the risk for P2P, as we all know, some of the big P2P platform to run away, many investors chase money Wulu, so now in the face of P2P was also to be cautious. It is also facing a new round of it mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore then after a few years, I believe, the rest should be relatively better. But it will also be adjusted with the economic environment, the rate of return, which is understandable, the central mother will not continue to cut interest rates? In fact, private lending with P2P, as well as private lending in general, the annual interest rate will be about 12%. Private lending will face the same thing. I have colleagues witnessed this, so we must keep their eyes open, pay attention to risk control! Three, the stock fund equity fund if it is short-term speculation, then I think it is not enough to be considered passive income. Because in the short term, it may be up or down. From the second half of last year to the second half of this year, basically has been in a relatively wide shock. Short term speculation time-consuming, but also can be lost in. Its charm lies in the long.相关的主题文章: