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Business Gone are the days where job seekers had to spend hours upon hours walking around visiting .panies and career consultants, searching for job listings in newspapers, calling every employer over the phone for the vacancy for an appointment/interview hoping to get a job. Today, the Internet has changed all that. One of the most effective and efficient ways to look for a job is by using online career portals. Modern online job portals offer .prehensive advice regarding interviews, resume writing, and even career coaching all at reasonable prices or some services can be found free of charge. Convenient resources in the job portal The online job portal offers benefits to both job-seekers and recruiters. Here, we will discuss the benefits to the job seeker/candidates. The best feature for a jobseeker candidates is the advanced search option. Relevant searches for jobs can be made based on domain, experience, location, type, and a lot more. Another important advantage is that job seekers can save and edit different versions of their resumes by simply .pleting the questions and then applying for any job with a single click, all without the need for posting the resume again. There are numerous other advantages such as the use of other add-on features like resume builder, resume posting to HR consultants, video resume building, automated job alerts, Candidate Web Page a personalized Web page for the transitioning employee and so on. Job-related scam Using an online job service is very efficient. Instead of having to go to several different sources for career-related information and help, you can find everything you need in one place. Is The Online Career Site Reputable? Weve all heard of job-related scams, so it pays to be careful. Scammers create false vacancies and post them with the intention of getting personal information about candidates and later misusing it. If you follow certain practices while using an online career service, you will be secure. To verify that an online career service will do what they say they will, ask yourself the following questions: * Is there a help function contact email or otherwise? * Does the service offer career coaching (it is hard to fake this)? * Is there sufficient information on the site (a lack of information suggests a scam)? A reputable online career service offers lots of features and information upfront. A good site will include lots of free articles; resume writing help and career coaching. In addition, they will offer free tools and assessments for job seekers to use on their own before seeking live help. Gone are the days when a career site only allowed job seekers to post their resumes and search available vacancies. Todays career sites are .prehensive tools, offering .plete career management, planning and consulting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: